How Internet’s New Name is The Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) according to research by regional organizations, is changing the ways of billions of first time users of internet, across the world.

LIRNEasia, an Indonesia internet research organization and Research ICT Africa, have found major similarities in the way tomorrow’s netizens use the internet. For masses of generation-next users, internet is non-existent.

New age users not using Internet, Only Facebook

In responses to surveys and forum posts with both of the organizations, startling discoveries were made. Teenagers responded in the negative to the use of internet, but said they used Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) extensively.

Research ICT Africa, reported that nearly 3% to 4% of respondents to its survey said they did not use the internet, only Facebook.

For long Facebook Inc, claimed to be changing the landscape of online activity, and research now finds partial reiteration of the social network’s claims to be true.

Facebook Inc, has been pursuing a strategy of Internet For All, wherein remote and far-flung areas which lacked infrastructure for internet were supported by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO backed non-profit organizations.

Unobtrusively, the social network appears to have caught the imagination of a whole generation of the internet users as the native doorway to go online. While it cannot be denied that this is a singular achievement, questions are obviously raised- on the lack of objectivity, such a private platform can create in the future.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is primarily a listed-company which is answerable to investors and will follow a strategy of profits. If Facebook becomes the default standard for large communities of online users to communicate, across the world, there will come a day when governments and other stakeholders become absorbed into the medium to stay relevant.

The implications of such a monopolistic-standard in communications and society, raises large questions, which will require quick solutions and answers!