Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Finds What Each State Is Thankful For

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) as a social media platform is being used by many people on the occasion of Thanksgiving for posting what they are most Thankful for. Such posts from the users have been compiled by Facebook with the help of an algorithm. The information collected was sorted state wise and the results were made public.

Most Thanked on Facebook

The study has given some very interesting results. The list of things for which people felt most Thankful was topped by family, friends and health. The status updates were sorted by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) state wise, and it used the criteria ‘most distinctive’ for figuring out state related topics.

The results sorted using most distinctive indicated that ‘Religion’ and ‘God’ were the two things for which most of the residents of South were thankful for. ‘God’s Forgiveness’ and ‘God’s Word’ are the most thanked for things by the residents of states at the Bible Belt. Yoga is thanked most by the people residing in the state of Oregonians.

Strong liking for electricity was displayed by residents of Michigan and the analysts at Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said, “This could be reflection of heavy summer storms knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of houses right around the challenge.”

More female respondents

External factors are also reflected by the gratitude shown. Then there are states that have gone through troubles like drought, and hence are grateful to rain. These include Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Summer thunderstorms are liked mostly by the residents of Midwest states. Weather differs for different states and so are the most thanked things for various states. While fall colors are liked by Minnesota and Connecticut residents the most, rainbows are liked mostly by the residents of balmy Hawaii and Louisiana.

The various social media forms were the ones for which people in the states of California, Kansas, Virginia, Delaware, Vermont, and New Hampshire were most Thankful for.

Another interesting finding of the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) study was that Females preferred to participate more and accounted for 90% of the total respondents. The challenges for sharing what they are most Thankful for are mostly received by females, and this could be possible reason for more female respondents.