Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Gets Thumps Up In Driving E-Commerce

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was weighed against a number of other social media in a study by the BI Intelligence, according to a Business Insider report. The study sought to understand the influence of social media on e-commerce, especially their role in boosting sales, which is a key consideration for online marketers. As it turned out, Facebook towers over rivals Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) and LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) on the e-commerce front.

On categories that included conversion rates, sharing and visits and how the same come to revenue, Facebook beat all its rivals. Most people on Facebook end up making purchases, which gives the platform a higher conversion rate. That is despite its huge user-count that runs into more than 1.32 billion. According to experts, conversion rates tend to decline with volume, which means that Facebook offers a unique case for marketers.

In terms of the number of orders generated through Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), the market intelligence revealed that the platform is growing at tripled digits. For example, in the previous year, orders generated by Facebook were up 129%, surpassing most other social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

On the other aspects, it was found that sharing on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) leads to greater revenue translation than in any other major platform that was studied. A “Share” on Facebook generated average e-commerce revenue of $3.58. That compared favorably with $0.85 and $0.87 at Twitter and Pinterest, respectively.

Additionally, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) “Likes” are also very valuable. A “Like” on Facebook generates average of $1.41 in revenue, which is higher than similar actions on Twitter and Pinterest.
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has continued to enrich its platform with the addition of new features and making of the platform more user-friendly. Going by the highlighted market findings with regards to e-commerce, it is apparent that Facebook’s efforts are paying off. Marketers or advertisers like to put their money where they see value for their money and Facebook continues to demonstrate that it has the value.