Facebook Inc (FB) Seeks to Expand Its Video Market, Rivaling YouTube

Facebook Video

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is reaching out to its users telling them how big video is for the social networking media. It is seen as the biggest contenders of YouTube ever.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) had started a video push service in 2014 and is currently working on the distribution strategy of the clips to its users. The social networking website is looking for better ways to distribute the video clips to all its 1.3 million users. It is working with advertisers, as well as video makers to figure out further ways of working out with the service.

Facebook already has a huge market for videos. According to last year’s statistics, its users across the world watch over a billion clips every day. Certainly, in the time frame of one year, its video base has gained more popularity.

To boost its video market, Facebook has recently shared a post on the media that guides users with ways of using videos more effectively. It also reveals statistical facts about what type of videos are popular among users and also about the growth of video posts on the social media. According to the post, users are increasingly posting videos and the number of such posts has gone higher than last year. The company said that videos per post has surged up to 75% all across the world and were 94% up alone in the U.S.

The above data is interpreted as the frequency of video post has increased in the News Feed. The frequency of clips has increased 3.6 times as compared to last year’s data. This indicates that more the people use Facebook, more are they likely to watch a video. In the U.S., this data suggests that over half the population on Facebook that visits the website daily watch at least one clip a day.

As to the content of these videos, Facebook believes that people are more likely to post raw videos that are easily shareable and compelling. People prefer videos that not many must have seen.