Facebook Inc (FB) Takes The Next Social Step, Allows Custom Gender Options

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) evolution as a social networking site has scaled new horizons with a recent feature roll-out on Gender field, for its users. While the custom options for genders were available since last year, the latest update is unprecedented. Though similar feature is being used by social network peer Google+, ‘infinite gender options,’ for Facebook Inc, it definitely is a commendable move.

Custom Gender

As people become sensitive about gender-definitions, Facebook has attempted to bring out a gender field that allows for custom description.

It has apparently done away with its earlier, preset list of gender options, which included ‘cisgender’ or ‘transgender.’ The latest rollout offers a more forthright, yet meaningful field name for the gender field. It can now be filled out as an answer to an unexpected question-‘What pronoun do you prefer?’

Compares to ‘Infinite’ Google+ Gender options

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) offer of the custom gender filed already has a precedent on social networking with open source software platform’s Google Plus already running the ‘infinite’ gender field.
Google Plus has the feature running from December 2014, allowing for users to choose the pronoun they would like to be addressed as, throughout the social network.

More importantly, it has the ‘privacy settings’ feature, specifically for the gender option. Using the filter, users can not only indicate their choice of pronoun but also determine who can see their choice. The privacy settings feature is therefore truly empowering to social network users who have a safe avenue to retaining their custom gender option. It does offer them a strong level of protection but at the same time allow them to connect with like-minded users.

The custom gender field option, with -pronoun choice- is yet to be rolled out for global users, since the standard male/female options are yet the logins on the page.