Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Makes Changes In Its Abuse-Report Process

Owing to recent changes with respect to the micro-blogging site’s abuse report system, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) on Thursday announced certain changes in the manner of reports. Twitter’s abuse report system, which was earlier, refined, so as to simplify as well as shorten the overall reporting process, has now been expanded.

Curbing down on doxing

The expansion of the reporting system means Twitter will now allow users to report content like self-harm ones and also, the sharing of anything that appears private and confidential, known as doxing.
Tina Bhatnagar, Twitter’s Vice President of User Services said of how the decision to alter the abuse report process, back in December last year, resulted in the company having to triple the strength of support staff for the processing of abuse reports. This has also played well to allow the processing of as much as five times the original volume of abuse reports.

Faster processing of requests

Bhatnagar also mentioned how Twitter was now processing a lot more reports than it did earlier.
Besides, another area where the company has done well is with regard to reduction in the processing time of these abuse reports. The social media platform has managed to reduce the average response time fractionally compared to what it was before. However, there were also indications that this number was continuing to see a drop.

New enforcements

Twitter’s new round of update has also taken a stance to bring about several new actions targeting accounts that violate the site’s rules. One new enforcement action that is due to be implemented is the verification of contact information.

Under this, users that have been either temporarily banned or warned, but not permanently suspended will need to verify their phone number or email address, in order to return to using the services of the site. However, this isn’t necessarily being enforced upon every warning or temporary bans as of now.

Such an announcement comes in just about two weeks of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s forum post about the nature, in which the site handled abuse reports.