Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Uses Human Psychology To Hook Users

Facebook Like Button

Science and psychology are the key factors that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) uses to engage the users. All the techniques that are used by the social giant’s like, Post, Share, Comment, and Poke are all trends that involve the human psyche.

Researchers are trying to find the reactions of the human brain when it comes in contact with social media like Facebook and what exactly goes on in the mind.

Brain and Facebook Connect

Findings of a new research have established a connection between the nucleus accumbens or brain’s reward center and Facebook. A positive response of Facebook lit up this side of the brain.

The Like button is one of the most important and successful innovations of the company. The social media is mostly used as a source of getting empathy.

A Pew Research ascertained that most users like and comment on posts of friends, but refrain from changing their status.

Facebook launches login tool

To get the users hooked onto it, Facebook keeps launching new upgrades from time to time. The company has unveiled its Login tool that will allow users to decide what all they want to share with third party apps and portals.

Before this, the third party apps and websites had full access to all personal information of the user. It has been done to bring changes to the login API of Facebook, a technology used to help create accounts using the Facebook accounts across multiple platforms.

According to a Facebook product manager, third party app developers who do not update their apps accordingly, will have to fizzle out. They need to do the necessary coding for their apps so that the new upgrade can able to help it work on Facebook.

So from now on whenever a user Logs into any app through Facebook, they will be redirected to a login approval page. After making the necessary choices, the app will get the go ahead. An ‘Edit’ link is there that will help in making the choices on which information one wants to share and what one wants to hide.