Facebook Inc Study Shows Variations in Jobs Amongst Families

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) research team published a report on the study they did relate to 5.6 million Facebook anonymous accounts to try and find a correlation between families and future careers.

The study looked at two pairs of relationships. The first one was based on the father-son relationship while the second one was the mother-daughter relationship. The study found that the occupations varied depending on which of the occupations was being discussed. An example of this is that, if a father is in the legal profession, in 4.6 times the son was most probably going to be in the medical field.

The study also took another approach by looking at network visualization and it showed that 20 percent of mothers who worked in an office or had administrative jobs influenced their daughters to take the same approach mostly twice the time. The study showed that a child was most likely to follow in his parents footsteps though the absolute percentage of these people might be low.

Another relationship that the research studied was that of siblings. Based on their research, on average 15 percent of siblings have the same job which compared to the same demographic of same-sex same age which is at  8.6 percent is relatively high. Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that twins have a higher chance of choosing the same occupation at a relatively high 24.7 percent.

The Facebook research team posted a copy of their findings and further information can be found on it with detailed and interactive charts which show how specific occupations relate to each other. The research team posted their study on Facebook, their parent company.

The team also concluded that overall most individuals would eventually choose the same occupation but most children turned away from jobs that their parents were doing.

Facebook has been known to do research on anonymous accounts. It recently did research on people’s emotions so that they could show the Newsfeed according to what you needed at the moment. The study was not well received as many people felt they were being manipulated by the social media network.