6 Hidden Facts About Vape Juices


The vape was initially introduced as a replacement for traditional smoking. However, it offered more than what most expected. It has a series of vape e-liquids, affordable prices and social hype, giving it a dramatic shift in the market. In 2024, it is expected that the total number of vapers will cross 55 million users globally.

The diversity in its juice flavors is a prime reason behind vape getting much attention. You just need your device and e-liquid to start enjoying tasteful smokes. Vape juices contain Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), nicotine and flavors. You need to have the right proportion of these ingredients to have a satisfying smoking experience.

You can also use herbs and other plants with essential oils to replace nicotine in your e-cigarette without compromising on the smoke.

Let’s look at six hidden or unknown facts regarding vape juices:

1. E-Liquid is Not Entirely Harmless


It has been marketed everywhere that vaping is a healthy alternative to standard tobacco smoking. It is also true that e-juices contain nicotine in them. It might be relatively less in number but it is still there. Nicotine has been the main reason behind smoking addiction and even the less amount of it in the vape always hits your brain and body.

Continuous consumption of nicotine can constrict the blood flow in arteries and raise your blood pressure. Similarly, it can harm brain functioning and lungs.

We would advise you to go for nicotine-free flavors as it takes out the budding danger of the side effects, as mentioned earlier. It can further help in giving up on smoking gradually. If you are dealing in nicotine-free flavors, you should get these boxes from https://impressionville.com/cartridge-packaging/ to avail aesthetic printing for your brand.

2. E-Juice Ingredients Also Count

Many smokers are resorting to smoking cannabis as a healthy alternative to standard nicotine-based flavors. Cannabis has found prominence in the market for its remedial and therapeutic advantages. It is great to know that cannabis in such devices eliminates tar, carbon monoxide and several other carcinogenic compounds that are linked with joints. It can be delicious and sophisticated for your health.

3. Make E-Juice at Home


Smokers are happy to know that they can make their own vape juice at home. It allows users to select the ingredients and strength they want in their product. They are at free will to exclude stuff like nicotine to make the entire process even cleaner. You have full liberty to customize it however you want as DIY juices give you flexibility. It is comparatively cheaper and easier to make.

4. Indirect Source of Hydration

Smoking vapes cause dehydration as it pulls the water molecules from the saliva, mouth and throat. You can also experience dry eyes and irritation which is pretty common. That is why people drink more water at regular gaps. If you want to have a hydrated body, you should cut out on alcohol and caffeine and eat watery fruits.

5. Okay to Smoke with Diabetic Problems

There is a hoax about the vape flavors that they consist of sugary components and can increase the diabetes risk. The sweet flavor you taste is due to the flavoring and diluents like VG and PG in the juice. It is safe for diabetic patients.

Nicotine substances are accountable for increasing type II diabetes in smokers and e-liquid also has a small amount of nicotine in it, creating insulin resistance. However, you can also eliminate this risk by opting for nicotine-free juices.

In this process, you often end the nicotine addiction and eventually give up smoking for a healthy routine.

6. Flavors Over Simple E-Liquid

A research was conducted to find that flavored e-juices are more injurious than simple ones. It contains chemicals that have an inflammatory impact on the lungs and causes toxicity and tissue issues.

Cinnamon is associated with producing toxic substances, while strawberry flavor can kill cells. Moreover, vanilla, coffee and several flavors can cause heart failure and breathing issues. This is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned all vape juices except mint and tobacco.

Is Nicotine Unsafe for Children, Teens & Young Adults?


You can avail yourself of nicotine-free vape devices, but most vape has nicotine, an addictive drug present in cigarettes, cigars, and several tobacco items. A study has demonstrated that 99 percent of vape sold in the United States had nicotine.

Furthermore, a few e-cigarettes do not label that they contain nicotine, while some are sold as nicotine-free despite having nicotine. It can damage the development of an adolescent brain, and it keeps evolving until we reach 25. That is why consuming nicotine in teenagers can damage parts of the brain responsible for controlling attention, cognition, mood, and impulse control.

Moreover, whenever we learn a new skill or create a new memory, synapses or connections are developed among brain cells, and it builds faster in the young minds. Nicotine also affects the process these synapses are created. Additionally, consuming nicotine in this age might also raise chances for addiction to other drugs in the future.

We can clearly see that nicotine is unsafe for adolescents, young adults, and people of juvenile age, and we must prohibit its use in pubescent age. Keep your children and other kids safe from this harmful substance.

The Final Thought


It is still an argument about whether smoking vapes is safe or not. Due to its not-old-enough presence, its lasting side effects are still uncertain. There is no doubt that vaping is considerably better than traditional smoking and has fewer injurious substances in it. However, its main product is nicotine which carries all the worse effects.

It is unlikely for a medical expert to suggest e-cigarette to give up on smoking. Still, there are many shreds of anecdotal evidence that hinted at a successful reduction in regular nicotine consumption. You should always buy your device and flavors from a trusted store to cut down on the risk and guilt. Smoke a quality vape juice for a quality smoking experience.