Fake ‘Likes’ On Facebook Inc (FB) May Get You Sued

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has announced strict measures to counter spammers even resorting to court action against those that use fake “likes” on the website. The measure from Facebook seems reasonable considering that such nasty activities are not good for the business. The company said that if the technical solutions are not enough than court action would be another resort.

In its statement, the company said that businesses would not achieve optimum results and would end up doing fewer businesses if people connected are not real. “It’s in our best interest to make sure that interactions are authentic,” said Facebook in a statement.

Facebook using all possible means

Spamming on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is only beneficial, when the spammers earn profit out of it. However, the company is tightening the noose to make sure that spammers do not earn money on the site. Facebook talks about the ways in which it prevents the malicious activity on the site. In its statement the company also said that these fake operations are done for earning profits, which is why the company is striving to make the business less profitable for the spammers.

The largest social networking website will keep a close eye on the fake ‘likes’ in a bid to stay a step ahead of spammers. Additionally, the company has also requested the users not to engage in suspicious activity on the social network. Also, the company has made an appeal to the businesses to stay away from such malicious techniques and focus on legitimate business objectives instead.

Other social networks also facing similar problems

The issue of spam is not just limited to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) as other social media networks are also fighting the same issue.  Recently, there have been some bright spots when the companies have managed to stop spamming activities.

Matt Jones, site integrity engineer mentioned that the company has won approximately $2 billion in legal judgments against spammers, and that the management is not hesitant to use these channels to remind the spammers that the company will put up a strong fight against the offenders. Jones didn’t give details about the party against which the company filed a case in the court and neither specified when the judgments were offered. Jones said that the spammers are motivated only with the profit factor they earn without delivering any value in return.