8 Most Famous Classic WoW Players 2024


Fifteen years ago, when World of Warcraft Classic came into existence, nobody knew it would become this popular. While the game has its own fanbase, the players are not behind. Although a few players capitalized on their fame, others faded from the view. As a result, we bring you the eight most famous classic WoW players in 2024. You will be surprised to know what these players are up to now and how intact they kept their popularity.

1. Athene


Bashir Bumaza is a Belgian by birth. He gained notoriety due to the recordings of his broadcasts, which he has been releasing since 2007, in which he demonstrated many world records live at the same time. Bashir was the first to reach level 85, although he did so as a paladin with the moniker Forscience. Many people remember Bashir as a brash and egotistical World of Warcraft player. However, the player has been involved in philanthropic activities for a long time now and provides incredible game insights to new players.

2. Vurtne

Vurtne is known as the ultimate PvP fighting master. He crafted a one-of-a-kind mage build that combined engineering and secondary talents (mainly healing) to make him unbeatable in PvP encounters. He traveled to Azeroth, humiliating all Alliance players and effortlessly defeating any class that stood in his way.

On YouTube, you may find Vurtne’s videos from the “vanilla” WoW period. Heavy metal tunes serve as the soundtrack in each of them, creating a fantastic adventure atmosphere. And in these moments, Vurtne’s outrageously disheveled Forsaken looks incredibly cool, which is a great accomplishment for the undead.

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3. Indalamar

You either adore Indalamar for demonstrating how mighty a warrior could be in vanilla World of Warcraft, or you despise Blizzard for slamming the class with nerfs following this showy demonstration. Indalamar intended to prove the opposite with his gaming streams, even though warriors were considered the worst class at the time.

He was able to kill numerous high-level mobs in about 3 minutes, with the help of the Bloodthirst spell, enhanced skills, and valuable equipment. This accomplishment had a real-life impact: Blizzard hired Indalamar as an in-game item designer since he clearly grasped the subtleties of creating builds.

4. Leeroy Jenkins


Even those who aren’t familiar with internet gaming have heard of him. His nickname became so well-known that the raiders began to do ridiculous things while shouting, “Leeroy Jenkins!” He established the MMORPG craze as a part of famous pop culture long before the era of viral videos began.

The same film was intended to be a parody, but it was edited so incredibly that many people mistook it for an actual raid in which things didn’t go as planned. Members of the Pals shot the video for Life guild, who claimed that it was entirely manufactured. However, the comedy film was well-received outside of the WoW community, and Leeroy’s unbridled joy boosted the spirits of even those who were not gamers.

5. Swifty


Swifty was one of the first Night Elf and PVP masterminds to earn the Grand Marshal title, the Alliance’s highest PvP honor. He employed various strategies to win every PvP match he played, including his professional abilities and even less traditional methods such as exploiting flaws or other in-game trickery. He gained even more fame when, as one of the first players to do so, he created video montages of his travels and broadcasted them on YouTube. He continues to assist the WoW community with his content and game insights.

6. Hydra


A vicious Discipline/Holy Priest that has built a name for himself on Twitch by recording his battles, you can find Hydra on YouTube under the channel name “Hydramist.” In terms of PR and social media following, he is the definition of a successful content creator and gamer. Hydra’s exploits are usually streamed in arena bouts, and the information on his website blogs is always up to date. Not just for Priests, but for anybody who plays arena or PvP, Hydra has made a name in the WoW world with his latest insights and skillful gaming.

7. Reckful


A PvP legend and champion of various honors and grants, Reckful has acquired Rank 1 a few times and partook in various offline esports events. He was one of the very first gamers to achieve these accomplishments and was likewise one of the first to stream his advancement on Twitch.

His name was Byron Bernstein, and lamentably, he died in July of 2024. Grievers assembled in the Cathedral of Light in the game to pay their respects, and in a new update, Blizzard added an in-game remembrance for him as a rebel mentor, an NPC called Reckful.

8. Jokerd


Jokerd was and still is a relatively unknown character in the famed World of Warcraft player roster. He was just another obscure gamer with a Twitch stream until his gnome mage achieved a contentious world first, becoming the first level 60 character in Classic WoW. When he broke the record in four days in 2019, topping even well-known guilds like Method, suspicions of account sharing and exploitation of the layering system flew.

Jokerd admits to layering but says it was more of an exploit than a bug abuse or cheating. Part of what made Jokerd and his speedrun so popular was the dispute over the early condition of play in the Classic WoW launch.


World of Warcraft was created during the dawn of the MMO era, and it had the most extensive subscription base of any MMORPG when it was initially launched in 2004. Even though World of Warcraft was released more than a decade ago, it continues to attract millions of gamers.

Many World of Warcraft players have been playing the game for years. Regular content upgrades (such as last year’s Shadowlands expansion) consistently bring new players into the virtual world, expanding its user base over the years. However, only a few of them gain wide popularity due to their one-of-a-kind achievements.