Fast and Furious 8 New Cast Info

Even though the production of the upcoming “Fast and Furious 8” has been finished, some specific details about the film are still well hidden from the public eye. Some of the new cast members have been announced, but there is still room for numerous speculations about other aspects of the movie production and particularly about Scott Eastwood’s character.

Some time ago, it was found out that there was a possibility of bringing back one of the main protagonists of the franchise, Brian O’Conner (previously played by the late Paul Walker). Such a conclusion was reached because of the rumors that this character would do a fight scene it the eighth installment of the film series with Vin Diesel. Being a part of “Fast and Furious” from the very beginning, Brian O’Conner is a rather important character, so the fans would certainly be delighted to see him in the forthcoming sequel as well.

At the moment, it is highly likely that Scott Eastwood will take on this role, but we are all still impatient to hear more about this possibility, preferably from Eastwood himself, who is currently working on another project (“Pacific Rim 2”) in Sydney. The actor has been left with more than just positive impression about the city, claiming that the locals are “some of the nicest humans on the planet” and that their hospitality is “off the charts”.

Fast and Furious 8 Release Date

Vin Diesel has announced that the official trailer for “Fast and Furious 8” will be available on December 11, while the movie release date is set for April 14, 2017. Hopefully, few things that are bothering us and many other fans of this franchise will be solved with the trailer. We are mostly thinking about the Brian O’Conner character and how the film will be continued.