Who Are The Favorites To Win The Ballon d’Or 2024


Are you a die-hard fan of football? Then, you’ll be happy to explore this article.

Right now, you have all the reasons to scroll through everything that comes your way to know whether your team will win the Ballon d’Or 2024. And for the ones who have started liking this sport now, with Ballon d’Or, you are up for a treat. It is something that will deepen your interest in football.

It is the biggest individual prize belonging to the football world. Also, it enjoys the status of being the most high-profile event. It happens yearly, and the best player in the event is crowned the best player.

Now, that’s some serious competition!

The Argentine footballer – Lionel Messi- is this grand title, current holder. However, the sad news for all Messi fans is that for 2024, he has not made it to the list of 30 people who have been shortlisted. So, for 2024, he won’t be retaining his title, and someone new will be coming up.

Massive stars of the footfall field compete every year to win the title.

Name And Nominations


The prestigious Ballon d’Or award gets as many as 30 nominees every year. For 2024, the French news magazine – France Football- published the nominees. If you have been following the game and its stars, some expected names have made it to the list, but there are some exciting names. The notable omissions have made fans curious. But that’s how the spirit of any game world is, right?

One such name that is surfacing is Rafael Leao. He has made it to this list for the first time. However, the list includes many big names in the game, like Mohamed Salah, Karim Benzema, and Kevin De Bruyne.

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All this game’s professionals dream of competing in this ultimate battleground and winning it. It is the highest individual honor in the field and is an opportunity for each player to display an excellent range of skills and win it.

Favorites To Win The 2024 Title

There are many speculations regarding the teams and their members regarding the potential wins. Hence, let’s discuss some favorites that stand a chance to win this title in 2024.

1. Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema


He has the highest odds of winning the title in 2024. In the last season, he gained numerous applauses for his performance. Indeed, his performance in the last season was a sheer example of consistency and dedication. He plays from the forward, and during the last season, he began with the Nations League triumph. Further, he marked the end with the glory of the Champions League.

The team he belongs to has been a people’s favorite for many years. The recent wins in the form of four trophies has its fan talking about the contribution of this player, too. For those of you who missed out on the last season, here are some figures to amaze you.

Karim Benzema scored 48 goals and provided as many as 15 assists. His clutch goals have a thing that fans, too. Hence, he ranks as the top contender to win the title this year.

2. Bayern Munich’s Sadio Mane


Another player that had hype in the previous and the upcoming season is Sadio Mane. He has many glories to his name at the club and international levels. He has played an amazing role of skill and consistency in his performance that has helped Senegal and Liverpool climb up the ladder of success.

His game numbers show that he has displayed a beautiful talent with 33 goals total, followed by 5 assists.

3. Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois


If you follow this sport, you will know Thibaut Courtois’s contribution to the team in the last two years. His performances have been mind-blowing and have helped the team and its spirit in many crucial matches. The finale of the Champions League is a distinct example of the same. He has won some serious titles and is a reliable player on the team.

4. FC Barcelona’s Robert Lewandowski


They say winners are the ones who refuse to quit and Robert Lewandowski’s name in the list for 2024 depicts the same. He missed this prestigious award the previous year but is gearing up for this one in good spirits. Last year, his performance was impeccable, which helped him get his hands on a dozen goals.

In the competitions, his goal figures suggest that he has been a great player that, helped him secure 57 goals. Apart from this, he has 12 assists under his name, too. He emerged as the top scorer for Bundesliga and has helped in other tournaments and cups for various teams. With his shift to the new team, hopes are high for him to add to his goal numbers.

5. Paris Saint Germain’s Kylian Mbappe


Last season was not the one for him, but this does not mean he isn’t a tough competitor. His campaign is praise-worthy, which makes him secure his position as one of the favorites who can win the Ballon d’Or 2024. During the last season, he was the only player who managed a goal and assists score of more than 30 each.

His form speaks volumes, and he is likely to emerge as the biggest competitor for the event in 2024. Also, watch him play in the upcoming World Cup. His skill is surely going to sweep you off your feet.

Apart from these players, many others with amazing skills and potential to emerge as the event winner in 2024. So you can watch the event and root for your favorite one!


Football is an exciting game that keeps you on your toes till the last. It is full of surprises, emotions, climaxes, and much more!

So, be ready for another event that will allow you to cheer for your favorite team and player.

May the best one win!