Who are the Favorites to win the Premier League in 2024?


Premier League fans how are you doing? Is it late to start with the predictions for the winner and runners-up of the Premier League? We know that this is something that should be done at the beginning of the season to make it a lot more interesting, but since the Premier League is so prone to sudden changes and surprises, we believe that predicting the favourites to win the league now isn’t going to be any less fun than on the start of the season.


How are things standing so far? Well, we will focus on the top 10 teams so far and we have Man UTD at first, followed by Man City second, Leicester City at third, Chelsea fourth, West Ham UTD fifth, Tottenham sixth, Liverpool seventh place, Everton at eight, Arsenal at nine and Aston Willa on the tenth spot.

If you remember the table at the beginning, Liverpool started as a clear favorite and a team that showed great potential with a big chance to win the Premier League. A lot has changed since then and today we will cover a few things and tell you about the new favorites for the Premier League’s throne. We analyzed this thoroughly and some of the help came from bookmaker advisor, so if you want, go check them out.

Since we mentioned Liverpool at the beginning let’s start with them. This team started very strong and they were a clear choice for the first spot but something happened and their form isn’t what it was at the start. They started lacking consistency and confidence and all that tied with a form downfall has them sitting right where they are. This all makes it hard to see them even able to challenge a win in the league this season, which is very sad. Their five last games were 3 losses and two wins with a very tough game against Arsenal this Saturday. Everton is breathing down their back and we think that they are under a lot of pressure now. A lot of injuries are also drawing them back and those few games they lost at home sunk them deeply. So far we don’t see them higher than fourth place and that is with a stroke of mad luck.


Two of the most consistent teams in the Premier League are possibly Leicester and Chelsea. These two are five points apart and Leicester a place above Chelsea at the third spot. Chelsea had a gust of great games and they managed to surpass Liverpool who they trailed to just recently. They have had some awesome games and they managed to find their play and consistency which they hold on to incredible. They even started to glue away from the fifth spot on the table. They have a home game against WBA on Saturday and we don’t see the chance for them to lose this one. WBA is at the bottom of the table and they are having a terrible form so far that we won’t see will change for the better any time soon. As for Leicester, they are, as we mentioned, third on the table and they are pretty secure so far. They are up by 5 points from Chelsea and they played a draw against them last game. They play very good football and they are very consistent which is important. Their next game is on Saturday against Man City and it will be a tough game. It will be hard to hit the leader of the table and with their form, it is nearly impossible to win them. Their clash in perfect will end up in a draw and at the worst Leicester will lose this one at home.


Two of the best performing teams in the league are Manchester City and Manchester United. This is backed up by their positions on the table where City sits firmly on top and United follows in second with 14 points behind. Man City has been killing it this season and their form is awesome. Players seem in tune and the whole team is somehow synced up to perfection. They have four wins out of the five last games and only one defeat against Manchester United. The Red Devils showed their teeth that game and played awesome football. They showed that they deserve a shot at the title and we presume that it will be close between these two at the end. Man UTD is awesome this season and they have earned their place at the top of the table. Their team is playing awesome, the offence is incredible, they do concede a lot of goals and their defence is somehow out of tune from time to time but the middle and the forward play is right on top. They have two draws and three wins in their last five games which means the consistency is good they are up for another potential win and it should come against Brighton and Hove Albion which is at the sixteenth spot with terrible form.

In the end, as far as predictions go we see both Manchester’s at the top of the table and we predict a possible tight ending. We fear that City is going a bit too fast and that they might feel the shortage of energy as they come close to the season end. We would like to see them pace a bit to maintain this position and this point difference. Man UTD is going hard and they are gunning for the title. This was seen from several last games and they pose a real threat to City. If the City doesn’t pace themselves Manchester just might come too close for comfort.

The third and fourth place are a bit wildcards. Anything can happen here Leicester is playing an awesome football at the moment but we see a huge swing forward from Chelsea. They have an easy weekend game and they might close the distance to Leicester even more if Leicester draws or loses against City which is pretty expected. As far as others go, we don’t see any major surprises jumping up the table. We do hope, for the sake of shuffling things a bit, that Liverpool finds their lost momentum and hops ahead a few spots just to mess things up and make everything more interesting.

As things go we think, and a vast amount of experts believe, that Manchester City the most chance to be the winner of the Premier League and that Manchester UTD and others may try to come close but it doesn’t seem that realistic.