Feather Banners and Online Design

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Feather banners are great outdoor and indoor signage option for attracting attention to your business, promotion, services, or products. The flags are usually made from a polyester material that is weather-resistant and quite durable, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. In this article, you will be able to read about the feather flag options, the base options, as well as how to design these flags online. Let’s take a look:

Feather Banner Options

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There are several types of these flags, including:

  1. Double-Sided – if you want your branding or message to be visible on both sides, the double-sided feather banners are perfect for your business. You can print your design on both sides of the banner or you can choose to have a different design on each side.
  2. Single-Sided – these are perhaps less common than the double-sided ones, but if needed, the flags can only be printed on one side. Keep in mind that the single-sided signs will be printed through which means that the text or design will be visible from the backside, however, it will not be duplicated on the backside but will appear mirrored.
  3. Outdoors – these flags are usually used outside since they are versatile, durable, and weather-resistant. If you want to install the banner outside, it is best if you choose a square base, a ground stake, or a base with a bag filled with water.
  4. Indoors – when used indoors, these banners become a versatile sign for events, conferences, trade shows, or expos. For indoor use, a cross or square base is recommended.

The Base Options

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The base options include:

  1. Square – a heavy metal base with a square, flat bottom which is perfect for indoor and outdoor settings of moderately windy conditions and high foot traffic.
  2. Ground Stake – a long metal spike is perfect for installing these flags outside in solid soil and it usually provides better stability for flags placed outdoors.
  3. Cross – this base has four metal legs and foldable design with makes it good for indoor use and flags that are often traveling with you. If you use this base indoors, be careful where you place since you do not want to create a tripping hazard.
  4. Cross Base with a Water Bag – according to the experts from Big Tex Banners, if you want to more securely place your flag, you can use a refillable water bag that is placed on top of a cross base. This heavy bag will keep your flag secured.

Designing the Feather Banners Online

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Since these banners are highly customizable, you will be able to create your own design that will fit your company’s needs. You can place a wide range of thing on the flag including your logo, motto, business information (like an email address, phone number, or the address of your company’s office space), and pictures. Also, most companies that manufacture these feather banners have various designs on their website, hence, you could choose from pre-designed flags that you can get the next day. However, since you will want something that will attract the attention of people, you should opt for designing your own feather flag.


As you can see, there are various feather banners that you can choose for your company. And if you need a custom feather banner for an event where you will have to market your business, do not waste any more time and start designing your feather banner today!