Places to visit traveling on the N260 road from Barcelona to Sort


The Pyrenean Axis, is a national road in Spain known for being very quiet and surrounded by unique landscapes. It has completely renovated sections, which also gives us a more pleasant way to enjoy the road. The N260 road (click here) connects the border town of Portbou, in Girona, with Sabiñánigo, in Huesca. However, it is part of the trip between Barcelona and Sort, so we must know some points of interest to enjoy this tour.

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Connecting the N260 road from Barcelona to Sort

To travel the 279 km distance that separates Barcelona from Sort by road, you have to take some routes before reaching the N260. However, it is important to recognize that in some villages between Barcelona and Sort we can refuel in case we need it. These are Moyá, La Molina, La Seu d’Urgell.

When traveling from Barcelona, ​​there are many places on the road that we can visit. Let’s see which are the most popular!

La Sagrada Familia – Barcelona


Being Barcelona our starting point, we cannot leave this place out. La Sagrada Familia is one of the most important tourist centers in Barcelona and Spain, in general. In addition to the incredible design that Antonio Gaudi gave this basilica at the end of the 19th century, its main tourist attraction is that it is still under construction! To visit it, we can go between 09:00 and 20:00 (until 18:00 in winter).

The famous catholic temple of Barcelona is, moreover, one of the main tourist points of the road. It is recognizable in the distance thanks to its impressive towers. Although its three exterior facades are very characteristic, the interior of the basilica is a true work of art. The most attractive interior of La Sagrada Familia is its architectural design, its columns, the altar, and its crypts.

Coves del Toll – Moyá


When leaving Barcelona, ​​taking the C59 route, we will go to Moyá, a charming town located northeast of Barcelona. There, we will find a place that will connect us with our common past, the Prehistoric Park of the Moyá’s Toll Caves.

As the name implies, in this park we will find several prehistoric caves. However, the route of 1148 meters in length that the cave is not allowed but we can take advantage of the 180 meters enabled to feel in the past.

In these caves numerous archaeological and paleontological remains have been found, which have their origins between the Middle Palaeolithic and the Bronze Age. The most attractive thing about these caves is that it is one of the richest in Quaternary fauna in all of Europe. Also, it is possible to find remains of human presence as the remains of a fire and some silex stones used as weapons or tools.

FGC La Molina – La Molina


Returning to C59 route, and after traveling on the BP4654 and BP4656 roads, we will arrive at La Molina. In this town, we will find the FGC La Molina ski resort, a place where some of the most important ski competitions in Europe and worldwide have been developed. It is located in the Sierra del Cadi, in the Catalan Pyrenees.

In addition to enjoying beautiful snowy landscapes and practicing some alpine skiing, we can take advantage of the visit to this resort for other activities. For example, snowmobile excursions, night excursions, mushing, diving in icy waters, hot springs, among others.

Port del Canto – Sort


Leaving La Molina and heading northwest, we will connect with the GIV-4082 road until we reach Alp, where we will finally connect with the N260 national road. Between the cities of La Seu d’Urgell and Sort, we will find Port del Canto.

It is a mountain pass located in the Pre-Pyrenees mountain range of Lleida, Catalonia, very close to Sort. It offers incredible views of the western and Andorran Pyrenees, reaching its peak of 1725 meters. Also, its elevation makes this mountain pass an ideal area for cycling. Its main tourist attraction is a standing stone (menhir) on its top.

This mountain pass is famous for being a regular part of one of the stages of La Vuelta a España. In 2016, it was chosen as part of the Tour de France 2016 tour.

Take forecasts before going to Sort

Going from Barcelona to Sort takes between 5 and 6 hours without making any stops. However, you must go well equipped and take notes on the places where you can park to eat or have a drink. Finally, we want you to enjoy the trip and the landscapes that the route, especially the N260, has for you.