7 Features Your Mobile Sportsbook Must Have


Gambling, as an activity, is present in human civilization since its beginnings. Naturally, it took different forms over the years. You can perceive it as some sort of evolution. The games that we were playing at that time are significantly higher than those we have today. Sure, some of them have a long tradition. Today, we witness some sort of regulation of these games.

In this day and age, when almost every individual on planet earth has a mobile device, this activity has become much more accessible to people. There are literally a couple of dozens of millions who visit these sites and apps every day. The accessibility set the foundation for the industry we have today in front of us, which generates billions of US dollars every year.

Choosing a mobile sportsbook is easy among the most significant decisions for any sports bettor. Reading the betnow review on sites such as AskBettors can help you gain a better understanding of what an excellent sportsbook looks like. Once you are done with it, feel free to proceed with the search. Make sure to focus on seven features:

1. Payment Options


The first thing that requires your attention is taking a look at the payment options. Being able to choose the desired method for your sports betting account is essential for your future decisions. The reason why this is an important question to consider is that these payments will be made one or more times, based on how long the session is.

A proper option for you will provide payment methods like PayPal, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Over Counter, or numerous digital currencies. Once you see these payment methods supported by these apps, you can rely on them automatically. The last thing we want to say about this aspect is that the more of these options are out there, the reputation of the mobile app will be considered higher.

2.  Advanced Analysis Features


Many gamblers look for attractive form lines, statistic reports, and previews shown before any match. By using these features, it is possible to have a complete insight before placing a wager. This can be time-consuming. The best apps are responsible for an analysis that shows all pros and cons of the decision you are about to make.

This demonstrates the values such as loyalty and customer orientation. The more details these analytic elements have to more useful they appear to their users. For that reason, we believe that taking a look at this aspect can provide you with a clear idea of whether is it proper to use them or not. So, be sure to pay attention to it whenever possible.

3. Easily Navigated Interface

A great mobile gambling app is based on regular updates, eliminating technical bugs and all other problems that can pop out from time to time. As is the case with all the apps out there, these will provide their users with some useful features to attract them and convert them into loyal customers. You should come away feeling happy with the experience and willing to come back for more opportunities.

The mobile sportsbook you use should invest its resources into the user interface of the app. It should be easy for you to navigate the resource. According to some reports done on this topic, we can see that most people are interested in using solely those who have an easy-to-use interface. All information should be split into separate categories which make the user experience more convenient.

4. Global Sports Markets

Having an insight into all the global markets is simply a must for sportsbooks. International sports provide domestic sports bettors with an opportunity to find stimulating and entertaining markets at any point of the betting routine.

Those who have this aspect will help you to reach all the leagues in the world, in all the sports out there, which is the key component for these apps. A proper one should cover a great number of world markets. These large companies must be supported by global institutions. All of them create a solid offer for bettors.

5. Free Expert Picks

Reliable sports wagering app should provide free expert tips to those who are interested in participating in this form of gambling. This way it is supposed to promote betting actions and inspire players to wager on the available markets.

The exploration happens to be informative by following the previews and finding the signs pointing at the bet. By providing these expert opinions to the players, apps will not only win the trust of a higher percentage of them, but they can also add some bonuses that come with these wagers. No matter from what perspective you take a look at it, it is a win-win situation.

6. Numerous Promotions


Sports betting is hard enough to lose everything at once. But sportsbooks should encourage bettors to never give up by offering a great number of promotions. A proper app aims to keep it by providing a vast array of bonus offers. If your book doesn’t provide daily and monthly advertising, then it’s time to continue your search in a different place.

When you think about these, you will see that all of them who have proved significant, have already put in work through various sites and apps. There’s practically no way to come up with something completely unique. That’s why these companies need to use some existing approaches and add a unique twist that separates them from the crowd.

7. Guaranteeing Top Odds

As a gambler, you should search for the one that provides you with a chance to choose from the best odds on the market. The problem is that it takes so much time and effort for what seems like a quite small win. The main point is to find the one that offers exactly that, which is not always easy due to the number of them you can find online.

Some books usually leave more out there for the bettor by minimizing their “take” or “vig”. Make sure to check out the odds your mobile apps provide on a daily basis. For many people, this is the factor that confirms their decision completely. That’s why we believe this feature is such an important one.

Summing Up


Choosing a quality mobile sportsbook isn’t an easy job to do. There may not be one that provides the full list of features. The best way to make an accurate prediction is to try some features. There are no contracts or waiting periods. You can change your choice whenever and wherever you feel like it.