Ferrari 612 Presented As A Modern 250 GTO Successor

Between 1962 and 1964, Ferrari assembled the vehicle known as the 250 GTO. However, only 39 examples of this iconic car had been produced which means that they are pretty rare and collectors find this expensive model really attractive. What if the 250 GTO had never died?

A CGI rendering artist from Ukraine, Sergiy Dvornytskyy has reinvented the modern Ferrari concept, named the 612 GTO III. The inspiration for this car is the 250 GTO, of course, and although it has the same name as the 612 which was in production between 2004 and 2011, the design and 2+2 seating arrangement are lacking. Now, this rendering is a true performance vehicle which is worthy of the Ferrari name and badge.

At the front end of this rendering, we can see various design cues of the original 250 model. The central grille alongside two flanking grilles under the headlights make this concept look unique, whereas there are three central cooling vents integrated into the sloped front end of the hood.

The engine is placed at the front, while the rear end of the car is retro. To be more precise, it is a blend of modern lines and iconic touring car design. What you notice first are the central exhaust tips and fuel filler caps, but we must not forget about the tail lights which look nothing like the tail lights of other Ferrari cars.

Even though the artist doesn’t mention the unit that would power this beauty, we might go with a V12, but since Ferrari also considers a hybrid V8, so maybe that could be the first choice. What do you think? Be that as it may, the 612 concept is just handsome and aggressive, which may cause Ferrari to find inspiration in this render and actually produce something similar.

Do you like this rendering?