How to be a Superhero: The Rock gives us some tips!

Most of us adore Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and it is not hard to see why. He is a funny, charismatic and kind. On top of that, he has a body worthy of Superman. With such attributes, it wasn’t hard for him to switch from WWE to acting and superhero movies. He was featured in the previous weekend’s SNL ‘Scorpio’ sketch, and he had a strong message for all of you who wish to become superheroes. According to The Rock, the essential thing to know in order to be a superhero is to know how to sew.

Having gained abnormal strength and deadly venom fatal for humans a guy named Steve becomes Scorpio and joins the crime-fighting business. That kind of lifestyle is hands down impressive, and Scorpio’s friend who is a reporter had some questions to ask. Among those was the question of Scorpio’s costume. According to Scorpio, he single-handedly designed and sewed his armor in a single night!

‘It’s really easy once you settle on the silhouette,” he explains. “I want it to feel like ‘scorpion’ by suggesting themes like ‘danger’ and ‘poison’ and ‘night.’ It’s a very earthy color story. It’s a garment, it’s not a costume.’

Following this statement, we all wonder how The Rock will perceive Black Adam aesthetically once he joins the DCEU. We are aware that it will have to be a dark attire, but we are interested in those gold details? We all know that lighting bolts look really gaudy if you don’t pick a proper material to fit in with them.