Ferrari Aperta Sold-Out At $2.1 Million

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When we say that $2.1 million Ferrari Aperta has been sold out completely, even before its official launch, we can agree that this was one very attractive piece of motoring engineering. One of the goals that Italian supercar maker wanted to achieve with this is to fuel its growth and ultimately offer more affordable vehicles in its lineup.

When we say more affordable, we still mean on insanely high amounts of money. Particularly we are talking about four-seat GTC4 Lusso T that brings smaller V8 unit instead of monster V12. If you want this “more affordable” Ferrari be prepared to give $261,000 or translated into European currency, about 233,000 euros.

Let’s get back to Aperta. This is a hypercar based on LaFerrari but this time with a removable roof. Production is limited to 200 units, and it is so anticipated and so much wanted that one of the collectors that didn’t manage to buy one decided to sue Ferrari as he claimed that this hurt his reputation. All the way back in August he sent $1 million deposit to the company and still, he didn’t get the car. Ultimately he lost in the court but still, this proves how popular this car is.

Buyers of Ferrari Aperta can choose between carbon fiber made hard top or the soft top option. Same like coupe LaFerrari this one also brings hybrid powertrain. It combines magnificent 6.3-liter V12 naturally aspirated engine that pumps out almost 800 hp with an electric motor that is adding 160 horsepower to the mix and is supplied from the battery pack. When we take a look what we have in Formula 1, we can easily notice similarities meaning that F1 technology is coming in this hypercar.

Conversion of LaFerrari to Aperta convertible has its cost. And we do not think only about 50 percent increase over the LaFerrari price; we are also talking about the weight. About 100 pounds weight gain has been reported but still this hypercar will be able to reach 60 mph in the same time as a coupe. It will need less than three seconds and some claims even suggest that this figure is closer to 2.5 seconds. Top speed is over 217 mph, but we will need to see if the changes to the roof have influenced aerodynamics and this figure.

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In November Ferrari launched their stocks and in its initial public offering the prices was $52 per share. In the next few months, prices dropped significantly and reached the lowest point in February at $32. Next few months saw slow climb, and we are pretty much on the same level like during its initial launch.