MacBook Pro Redesigned And Coming In October

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Finally, we have time to devote news to redesigned MacBook Pro since we saw a huge number of news regarding Apple Watch Series 2 and iPhone 7. This is definitely a great news since Mac lineup really needs an upgrade.

Time for heavy shopping is coming as the holidays are approaching and we know that the best time for device launch is right before the shopping season. Rumored release date we could hear state that new MacBook Pro might come “as soon as October” and yes, we did quite it.

Not only the hardware will be upgraded, Apple, just like always, plans to update software. At this moment they are working on macOS 10.12.1 version that is developed to support hardware changes in the redesigned lineup.

Since hardware upgrades are more interesting to buyers, we will immediately move to those. According to reports new devices will have “Polaris” graphic chips that are made by AMD, at least this will be offered on higher end 15-inch units. Furthermore, changes will include OLED “touch bar” that comes as a replacement for the function keys in the top segment of the keyboard. On one of the leaked images, we could see space for touch bar where we used to have function keys. As the launch date approaches, we expect more details about additional hardware upgrades, and we are quite eager to see what will be under the hood.

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All these information’s should be taken with slight reserve as these are only details in rumors mill. Sources are pretty reliable, and we think that there is a good chance for things that we wrote about here to happen.