Oakland Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens – Week 4 Picks And Predictions


One of the five remaining undefeated teams will have a great chance to continue their winning streak. Ravens will be playing against the Raiders at home, and they are just slightly favored in this game. But can this Raven defense stop Derek Carr and his high-powered offense?

Raiders have been hot and cold to start the season, but they are sitting at 2-1 overall and are looking to improve. Their fans finally have something to cheer as this franchise was struggling for the better part of the last decade.

Offense part of the team is legit and looking good. They have slipped up when it comes to putting up points on the board last week and still won. For the first time this season, their defense was good enough and was the real reason why they won that game.


Even though they haven’t lost a single game, people are pretty skeptical about these Ravens. Their opponents in first three rounds have been teams that won’t come close to making the Playoffs. You can say that Oakland is their biggest challenge yet. Joe Flacco hasn’t been much impressive to start the year, but his best days are in the postseason.

But, will Ravens be able to keep this up and live to see that Playoff action? Tough to answer at this moment. But, as of right now, they are undefeated.

And we don’t think it will last past this Sunday. Raiders are coming to Baltimore, and we are predicting that they will be the ones to inflict the Ravens their first loss of the season. Amari Cooper will have a great day and lead his team to victory. It won’t be a high scoring game, but Oakland should pull this off. Final score 20:19 Raiders.