Ferrari Dino – New Renders, Rumors

The Ferrari Dino is probably the most popular model that will never reach production, but the rumors continue to circulate. Two years ago, the company’s CEO indicated that the entry-level model with a V6 engine might reach production but ever since then we have had no concrete information.

Besides rumors and speculations, renders of the Ferrari Dino are also common. The latest one is created by several artists at Maltese Design and here is what it looks like. This rendered version comes with the 488 base, as it was reported previously, and it is similar to the factory design, but there are some details that give this Dino an authentic look.

The entire front fascia is significantly smoother, whereas the side parts are basically unchanged from the 488 with sans mirrors and good-looking wheels. At the rear end, there are four rounded taillights and a long diffuser, so we are talking about a really handsome render right here.

Ferrari Dino might reach production some day, and we would be thrilled to see that, and once it does (if it does), it would be equipped with a smaller V6 engine. A hybrid powertrain is also an option and speaking of which, the Ferrari 488 mule is rumored to have hybrid components, which means that the production model may be called the Dino (fingers crossed).

This will all stay in the possibility land, and according to the CEO Sergio Marchionne, all Ferrari models that will be on sale after 2019 will come with some kind of hybrid element. What happens now is important, and at this moment, customers can opt for the standard 488 that is powered by a 3.9-liter V8 powerplant which delivers 660 horsepower.

Stay tuned for more details. Would you like to see the Ferrari Dino in production?