A Mix of Generations and Musical Styles at Festival Noches Mágicas, Alicante

A Mix of Generations and Musical Styles at Festival Noches Mágicas, Alicante
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From 29th July to 13th August 2024, the Festival Noches Mágicas will take place at the Jardines de Abril venue in Sant Joan d’Alacant.

This festival will feature both national and international artists with very different musical and artistic styles who will enliven the 14 nights of the festival.

Among the most outstanding artists are Andrés Suárez, Luz Casal, Revólver, Siempre Así, Raphael, In the garden, Los Secretos and Fangoria.

In addition, there will be theme parties in which people can take part, such as the 80’s Summer Party, Guateke’s Party and Feria Party.

Don’t miss it, it will be a unique experience. Rent a car in Alicante now and, besides enjoying the festival, discover the city of Alicante and its surroundings. You will be amazed by its beautiful beaches!

What to Do in Alicante

Alicante is a province of the Valencian Community made up of many beautiful towns and cities.

Most of them have beaches and coves where relaxation is guaranteed and where you can enjoy dreamlike sunsets. If you really want to visit different places in the city, booking a car in Alicante.

Santa Barbara Castle

Santa Barbara Castle - Mount Benacantil
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Explore the Castle of Santa Barbara, located on top of Mount Benacantil, which offers stunning panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

You can take a walk or take the lift up to the castle and explore its ancient walls and towers. Book a private tour and get an explanation of its history, from the moment it was created to the present day.

Archaeological Museum of Alicante

Archaeological Museum of Alicante
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If you are interested in history, visit this museum which offers a fascinating insight into the region’s archaeological heritage.

In its exhibitions, you’ll be able to admire a wide range of artifacts spanning various historical periods, including the prominent Roman era. You’ll be immersed in history and appreciate the cultural richness of Alicante and its surroundings.

From sculptures and ceramics to jewellery and everyday objects, each exhibition will transport you through time and help you better understand the evolution of the region over the centuries.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral Alicante
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This impressive religious building will captivate you with its beautiful façade and impressive architecture. Admire the artistic details of its exterior and let yourself be amazed by its interior design.

As you enter, you will discover a treasure trove of valuable works of religious art that adorn the sacred space.

From exquisite paintings and sculptures to elaborate altarpieces and stained glass windows, every corner of the cathedral is a work of art in itself.

Old Town

visit Alicante Old Town
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Visit Alicante’s Old Town, also known as the Barrio de la Santa Cruz, and embark on a tour of its picturesque, narrow streets, where you’ll find charming buildings, historic corners and traditional shops.

Don’t miss the impressive Basilica of Santa Maria, an outstanding example of the area’s beautiful architecture.

As you make your way through the Old Town, you’ll discover charming squares, colourful flower-filled courtyards and small cafés where you can stop for a coffee or a traditional tapa.

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this part of the city, where past and present intertwine in harmony.

One Day Trips

If you’ve already had time to visit the city, we recommend that you secure a hire car in Alicante and make day trips near the city.

For example, you can head to Alicante’s most beautiful coves or visit other towns and cities that will give you a deeper insight into the history of this province.


Elche castle in spain
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Elche is a city that stands out for its impressive palm grove, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This extensive palm grove will immerse you in a unique natural and cultural environment.

Explore its beautiful gardens, walk among the palm trees and admire the lush vegetation that surrounds it.

Don’t miss to visit Elche Castle, where you can see one of the most impressive views of the city. Read more about the places you should visit in Elche.


Guadalest spain
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Located on a hilltop, the charming village of Guadalest will captivate you with its breathtaking views and fascinating history.

Wander through its cobbled streets as you explore its imposing medieval castle, which offers a privileged view of the surrounding countryside.

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the town by visiting the local museums, where you can discover the traditional crafts, history and curiosities of the area.


Villajoyosa spain
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Villajoyosa is a charming fishing village famous for its picturesque colourful houses that line the beach.

A must-see in Villajoyosa is the Valor chocolate factory, where you can immerse yourself in the world of chocolate and learn about the history and production process of this delicious delicacy.

Also, you can’t miss exploring the history of Villajoyosa and its connection with fishing. Stroll through the old fisherman’s quarter and discover the charming corners that reflect the town’s seafaring tradition.


Altea spain
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Altea is a town on the coast of Alicante famous for its white houses with blue roofs near the beach. An obligatory stop is its old town, one of the most beautiful in Spain. Have a walk through its streets and discover some of the most beautiful corners.

You can also visit some of its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for refreshing yourself in summer, such as Playa de Roda and Cap Blanc, which are very close to the town centre.

Altea is also famous for its gastronomy and you can’t leave without trying some of the local fish.

Why Rent a Car in Alicante

Acquiring a hire vehicle in Alicante will give you the possibility to enjoy your holidays without any worries or pressure.

You will be in total charge of your own itinerary and able to organise yourself without depending on external factors, such as public transport.

It also offers you total security and makes your stay in Alicante as easy as possible, with no complications or surprises and always at the best price.

Read more about choosing the best car for your vacation and enjoy your holiday!