FIFA 17 XBox 360 – Latest News & Update

FIFA 17 has just got its latest update or as EA games call it Second Title. This title is simply an update for three most popular gaming platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new version, named 1.03, brings improvements on facial features, frame rate issues and all kinds of other solutions for minor bugs.

If you want to play FIFA 17 Second Title on PlayStation 4, you will need 3GB of space while Xbox One requires 2.7GB. The biggest addition to this title is in audio segment. It has been improved by adding new languages to the mix. Besides English, you now have French, German, Italian, Spanish and Mexican Spanish. EA Games also left space for improvement for upgrades on player models if the need for it surfaces. This would be met with approval by FIFA 17 huge fan base.

Gamers that are spending a lot of time playing 2-on-1 drills against the AI in FIFA 17 will be satisfied with improvements in frame rates. 1.03 Update aka Second Title has also dealt with one of the issues that the players found most irritating. The problem was that some of the games weren’t played in the selected kit. Annoying thing as we all know so: EA Games! Thanks for dealing with this.

Leaving the update aside FIFA 17 offers complete innovation in the way player move and think on the field, physical contact among rivals on the field is brought almost to perfection and manner of finishing off attacks allows you to have accurate control of the pitch action. Net connectivity has also been upgraded enabling you to experience on-line competition and quarreling with friends in all sort’s of challenges that FIFA 17 offers.

FIFA 17 X-Box 360 – Gameplay

The gameplay was mostly improved with new options on Set Piece situations and with new opportunities on the attack like is Low Driven Shots. All around game feel was refreshed with the addition of new leagues, teams, and stadiums. Some of the most notable are J-league, a dozen of Brazilian clubs and stadiums such as West Ham’s Olympic Stadium, Middlesbrough’s’ Riverside and Gamba Osaka’s Suita City Football Stadium. Surprise additions are Netherlands and Norway women football teams.

Here is the list of available game modes on FIFA 17:

Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team including Squad Building Challenges, Be a Pro Player, Be a Pro Goalkeeper, Tournament Mode, Women’s International Cup, Online Seasons, Online Friendlies, Skill Games, Kick-Off, Play Next Fixture and Practice Arena.