Troicki got married, Djokovic among guests!

Viktor Troicki, Serbian tennis player, and model Aleksandra Djordjevic have spoken their perfect “I do” yesterday at their Orthodox wedding in St. Aleksandar Nevski church in Belgrade. This was probably the most cheerful gathering of the Serbian Davis Cup representation ever seen! The festivity took place at Crowne Plaza Belgrade and was graced by his buddies from national team led by Novak Djokovic.

The newlyweds said their “I do!” in the above-mentioned church, among many witnesses and friends, but with only one exception. Apparently, Novak didn’t want to attend church wedding because of the numerous camera crews and reporters that were lurking and following the wedding procession. Viktor honored the tradition all the way, and as it is the custom in Serbia, he went and “bought” the bride at her apartment. Aleksandra was truly stunning, although she is already three months pregnant she simply shined in the wedding dress that was designed by Biljana Tipsarevic, Janko’s wife.

As we already mentioned, the wedding attended many of Viktor’s friends and colleges and among them, besides Janko Tipsarevic and his wife, were Nenad Zimonjic with his better half, Dusan Lajovic with girlfriend, Filip Krajinovic, and national team coach Bogdan Obradovic with his wife, Maja. All of the guests proceeded to a luxury hotel where the celebration continued until late night hours.

The Djokovic family, as we found out, rented the room in that hotel a day earlier because they were at the Bijelo Dugme concert, held on Saturday, and they needed the rest before the wedding. They didn’t want to steal the special day from the newlyweds and decided to appear shortly before the media, and without a word headed for the ceremonial hall, very much in a mood for a party. As it is always the case with them both Novak and Jelena were more than elegant and classy, where Novak wore a tuxedo and Jelena a long, floral pattern dress with a minimal amount of makeup, but the maximal amount of beauty.

Troicki had earlier revealed that there wouldn’t be any of the foreign tennis players on the wedding, so the lack of them wasn’t a surprise. But there was a significant amount of familiar faces from the “white sport” such as Troicki’s coach Jack Ryder, Mark Stillitano Novak’s and Viktor’s friend, a former member of the Davis Cup team Ilija Bozoljac, coach Dusan Vemic and many others.

Viktor and his new wife had a great time that night, and Viktor even made a joke at one point saying that he will probably ask for a song from Prodigy because everybody knows that he isn’t that much into the local music. He also tried to encourage his remaining unmarried friends to get hitched, because as he stated “For us, it felt good. To me and Novak and Ziki … There are few of these young guys like Lajovic and Krajinovic, but they won’t last too long (as unmarried). Maybe in six months time”. Not to forget one more thing, we have to tell you that Viktor had a problem choosing his best man, and for a long time, he couldn’t decide who is it going to be. Thankfully at the end, he chose two of his best childhood buddies where Uros Lazic was a best man in the church, and Nikola Vujadinovic was a best man at the registrar.

Congrats Viktor & Aleksandra!