Where Does James Harden Rank Among NBA’s Best Players?


Houston Rockets have quite a different look this season. They have moved on from Dwight Howard who decided to join the Atlanta Hawks. His departure was expected, and the feelings were mutual. He wasn’t making the Rockets better while he felt that he needed to change team.

Mike D’Antoni is the new coach of the Houston Rockets. He is known for not really caring about the defense as much as he should. On the other hand, he is an offensive guru and a guy like James Harden is needed for his offense to thrive. They are a perfect match.

Yes, James Harden is not known for playing defense, and he is turning the ball over quite a lot, but that’s what happens when you are the primary ball handler on your squad, and everyone expects you to score from impossible situations. He is an extremely smart player that knows how to draw the fouls. If his opponent is not focused, he will find the way to outsmart him.


He can score the ball as well as anybody while also getting everybody on the team involved. His vision is great and maybe even underrated. So, where are we going to rank him among NBA’s best players?

Well, we don’t think he is a Top 5 player in this league, at least not at this moment. He is not playing enough defense for us to consider him as one of the best five players on the planet. We would rank him in the back five of the Top 10. He is a great scorer and definitely deserves one of a Top 10 spot. Probably around 8 or 9.