Fight Breaks Out During Cowboys Training Camp


At the second padded practice of this summer that the Dallas Cowboys held, the emotions were running high, and the offensive line got into it with the defensive line. It is a normal thing that these kinds of fights happen from time to time as every single guy on the team wants to prove that he belongs on the final 53-man roster at the end of the preseason.

Coach Garrett has stated that both sides were “a little bit spirited” at the practice, especially during the pass rush drill, something that the Cowboys will work on as they need more pressure on opposing quarterbacks in 2017 than they managed to put in 2016.

Tyrone Crawford was the one in the middle of the action, and he spoke with the media after the practice about the things that took place yesterday morning.


“I just came out with maybe a little too much energy today, and I started some stuff I shouldn’t have started, “Crawford began explaining the situation. “Those are my brothers just like everybody else on this team is my brother. So I can’t do that type of stuff.”

While Crawford recognized that he made a mistake and took the blame for the entire defensive line, he realizes that guys on that defensive line need as many reps as possible. On the other hand, even though coach Garrett knows that these kinds of things can’t happen every day, he does think that it is better for the players to come out with too much energy rather than no energy at all.