‘Final Fantasy 7’ Remake: Release Date, News & Update


According to many people, ‘Final Fantasy 7’ is one of the most popular names in the whole ‘Final Fantasy’ series. Therefore, you can imagine the excitement of its fans when they discovered a remake of it was announced.

It will come out in episodic form, same as ‘Hitman,’ also a title published by Square Enix and Telltale Games series.

Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of the game, said for Game Informer the full game would consist of several parts. Namely, in ‘Final Fantasy 13’, each of these installments told the story from a different point of view. This was quite a challenge for the team in charge of development. Unlike then, they already have a story now, which makes it much easier.


Nomura said in an interview with Dengeki Playstation that the way they fight in this reimagining of the ‘Final Fantasy 7’ is more action-oriented. However, what they are trying to do is to find a way for the battle system to appeal to the ones who prefer the old-school one. He claimed that many players said they would like to play the game with the original Active Time Battle style, but in this remake, it would be more action focused. Nonetheless, there are certain features to suit all tastes, no needs to worry.

Final Fantasy 7 Release Date

Unfortunately, the release date of this remaster is still unknown. Brand manager of ‘Final Fantasy’, Shinji Hashimoto, recently appeared in Lucca Comics & Games in Italy, stating that the rumors saying 2017 would be release date are just that, rumors. He mentioned the great plans they had for their well-known titles, including this one, but also added that the company doesn’t have release date for this remake yet. Therefore, to the great disappointment of their fans, the return of Cloud Strife and his crew will have to wait for a bit longer than expected.

It is important for all fans to know that they are doing their best and all brand manager is asking in the name of the company is patience.