How to Find Out Someone’s Birthday Online: 10 Effective Methods

How to Find Out Someone's Birthday Online

The internet has significantly transformed how we collect, store, and handle data. It has helped reduce the overreliance on manual datasets for individuals and government institutions alike. Hence, important records like property records and birth certificates have become easily accessible online.

You must get the dates right to celebrate someone’s birthday. You don’t want to surprise them on the wrong day and embarrass yourself, do you?

Here is a compilation of some ways to discover when someone was born.

Check Their Social Media Profiles

Search social media

The social media industry is growing, and new platforms are mushrooming daily. Conversely, if you have opened these interactive virtual communities, you must have needed to create a profile. Here, you are required to provide some information about yourself, including your interests and a personal bio. All the information captured in a profile provides enough data to determine someone’s birthday.

Inquire From Relatives and Friends

If you want to plan a surprise birthday party without raising the celebrant’s attention, try reaching out to those closest to them. You can chat with their sibling or best pal via WhatsApp and inquire about the date. Close friends and siblings are more likely to have celebrated past birthdays together and probably even participated in planning and gift-giving. Such experiences reinforce memory, meaning that they’ll likely easily remember when the person in question was born.

Look Up Alumni Records

Higher institutions of learning like universities and colleges collect a lot of their students’ information during admission. The data is stored for some years, even after the students graduate. Typically, many alumni files comprise full names, class notes, dates of birth, and participation in co-curricular activities. These records are usually openly accessible to the public. You can leverage these archives to find what you need to know about the special someone.

Read News Articles and Interviews

Reading news articles

Many news outlets pay close attention to existing and rising stars by publishing profile articles and interviewing people. The purpose of these interviews is often to introduce or give some background information on someone. In most interviews, many questions often linger on the interviewee’s recent past or early life. From such information, people can drop hints that allow you to learn when someone was born. Also, you can read profile articles from different magazines and news platforms.

Before publishing profile articles, journalists often conduct in-depth research about a person’s background, general life, and achievements. This means that the information they avail is almost always accurate. So, if the person in question has made any tremendous achievements in their career or early life, this would be a great strategy to find out their birthday.

Capitalize on Search Engines

Many professionals these days have blogs and personal websites that allow them to differentiate themselves from competitors and establish themselves as thought leaders in a given niche. When creating such platforms, people often upload their personal information like contact details and even date of birth. Bing, Google, and other top search engines index what’s on websites and blogs to provide the most accurate results. Hence, it’s possible to find out someone’s birthday by simply searching their name alongside LSI keywords like nicknames or phone numbers.

Explore Their Professional Profiles

Search Professional Platforms

Behance for creatives and GitHub for IT specialists are classic examples of professional platforms that allow experts to showcase their skills, collaborate with others, and grow their careers. Whenever one signs up on such sites, they’re required to provide their personal information like educational background, name, and birthdate. You can, therefore, leverage these platforms by simply browsing LinkedIn or a niche-specific professional platform.

Turn to Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services

Reverse phone number lookup services are tools that help find out details about a person by using their phone number. These platforms are easy to use, and, what’s important, most of them are free.

As we’ve already mentioned, all you need is someone’s phone number. After reverse searching it, the platform you’re using will find you the information about this person, including their date of birth.

PhoneHistory, a free reverse phone number lookup, contains more than 500 million U.S. phone numbers. Its database is constantly updated, which makes it easy to find relevant information about any US citizen.

Research Genealogy Websites

Genealogy websites are intended to help people find out more about their ancestry. Many genealogy platforms involve individuals, government institutions, and public archives to aggregate massive amounts of personal historical data. Some platforms even allow users to upload this information themselves. These records often comprise scanned copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates. Such data is essential in creating family trees. By accessing these platforms, you can easily learn when someone was born.

Browse Government Websites

Search Government sites

Government websites store lots of personal information and are a hot spot for finding someone’s birthday. Thanks to the digitization of manual records by state institutions, court and property records are now open to the public. All you need to access such documents is an internet connection. You should also keep in mind that every jurisdiction has independent websites. You can, therefore, find out one’s birthday by visiting relevant resources.

Use Online Directories

Technology has contributed to the massive shift from landline phones to the use of smartphones. Nonetheless, without officially opting out of landline listings, your contact information will still be publicly available. If you’d like to know when someone was born without much cost, try looking up white pages or other online directories.

Such platforms often compile records from diverse sources, including voter, health, and even social media databases. Given that most online directories routinely update their databases, you’ll likely find accurate information.


Humans are often naturally inclined to show appreciation, and birthdays are ideal for making someone feel special. Whether you intend to surprise someone or simply get them a modest gift, you first have to find out when they were born.

Digital transformation has made finding such information effortless. The tips listed in this blog post will allow you to utilize both direct and indirect means of discovering when someone was born. Most of these techniques are straightforward and don’t even require you to be a tech genius.