FlashScore: Keeps you Updated with Live Scores


When a sport is one, a true, diehard, over-the-top fan has to get the live scores no matter what. To be updates, you have to either sit in front of a computer or a TV. But when you combine technology with creativity, the end result is Flashscore. Technology has made people dependent on products and services.

As the name suggests, flashscore is a livescore app whose main aim is to provide the readers with updated scores at all points of time. The site is a small part of an entire global network that has about 20 sites within it. The main aim behind the concept is to keep all the fans, across the globe, updated on scores, good quality news portal, statistical data and other sports related news.

This Android application has gained popularity already amongst the sports enthusiasts.  Named as Flashcore Livescore, this application does the task of providing people with live scores, results and statistics for over 26 sports and over 5000 competitions. With more and more people becoming tech savvy, such apps are doing a great business. People hardly have any time to sit through an entire game, but the hope of getting live scores is fulfilled by such an application.

Main features of the app:

  • It covers 26 sports including football, hockey, and tennis. Lice scores are updated as soon as they happen.
  • A user can watch current, live game on request on this application.
  • They use detailed tables, charts, etc. to put their data across.
  • Not only sports, they also focus on various countries across the world.
  • H2H statistics are available for every league and sport.
  • Popular sports are managed on the top list making it easier for a viewer to look.
  • For certain sports, along with live scores, live commentary is also available.
  • They have variety of sport-specific tables, like top scorers.

This iOS app, available for free, has come as a boon for active, sports enthusiasts. The app has a user-friendly interface that can easily be accessed by the users. When you launch the app, main details will appear in matter of few seconds. Be it football or tennis, you will get step by step updates on the app. The tables contain lots of important, factual data that is put in the easiest format, so that no one has a problem in interpreting it. It displays data like goal attempts, free kicks, off shoots, etc. Everything you want to know come write in front of you with just a swap of finger.

The app has proved to be very useful. With the market getting filled with everything, they have tried narrowing their business to just sports.


With excellent design, fast service, assorted colours, etc. it has made the app a successful one. Just download it and the look at role of social media. If you have to pick one; then this is definitely one of the best options.  A lot of other apps had also come, but no one has been able to outshine Flashscore.