6 Benefits of Using Fluorescent Tube Lights – 2024 Guide


Fluorescent is one of the common light sources that people across the globe are using at their homes. There are different types of lamps available in this type. With the advancement of technology, it keeps on improving and getting compact and bright.

Many people across the world are relatively unaware of the benefits of these lights, and hence, they do not use them. When you know about these lamps, then you may switch from your existing source to this one. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the benefits of using Fluorescent tubes. After knowing its advantages, you can decide whether to use this device at your home or not.

Check here to know how you can change fluorescent lights to LEDs effectively. It is a versatile source, and you can change it to any form with ease. Let us start discussing these lamps and their advantages in detail.


Overview of Fluorescent Lights

It is a visible light source, which is a result of low-pressure mercury gas-producing fluorescence. There is a simple and brief mechanism that enlightens the bub. When a small electric current affects the mercury vapor, then Ultraviolet rays generate and it affects the phosphor coating.

The lamp then gets lightened. In other words, it transforms the electrical to light energy effectively than other types of lamps. It can generate around 50 to 100 lumens per watt. This lamp is quite good than incandescent but not much good than LEDs.

Benefits of Using Fluorescent Lights


Energy Efficient

If we compare fluorescent to incandescent lamps, we will find that the fluorescent ones are more energy-efficient. There is no doubt that both produce the same number of lumens, but the energy input is more incandescent as compared to fluorescent. We have already discussed that it produces 50 to 100 lumens per watt.

If we consider the incandescent ones, then it can only produce 16 lumens per watt, which is relatively less. Now, you will understand which one is energy efficient. No one wants to waste electricity because it is expensive. Therefore, using them will help you save your electricity because it consumes less power and generate more light.

 Long Lifespan

It is one of the significant benefits of using fluorescent lamps. It can last around 5000 to 15000 hours, which is comparatively more than incandescent lamps. On the other hand, the total lifespan of the incandescent is around 1000 hours. In other words, there is a difference of around 10 to 20 times between their lifespan.

If any light source comes with a high lifespan, then there is less need for maintenance or replacement. Therefore, a person needs to spend little money on his house’s lights. It is possible to enlighten it for long hours, which counts as one of the prime advantages.

Low Dissipation of Heat

Any bulb that emits excessive heat can change the temperature of the room or surroundings. It can be quite challenging for any person to sit for long hours in front of the lamp. It is necessary that the dissipation of heat should be less. The fluorescent lights consume less power, lightened brightly but release less heat. On the other hand, incandescent lamps emit more heat and hence, increase the temperature of the rooms and nearby places.

If you put the correct lights in your place, then eventually, you will save electricity and an additional cost on the ventilation. If your room is hot enough, then you need proper ventilation to release the entire heat outside your room. You can save your expenses by choosing the correct option.

Distribute Light Perfectly


The fluorescent lamps are bigger, and therefore, it distributes the light perfectly in your room. The light molecules distribute properly to all directions and give perfect lighting to your home décor. On the other hand, the incandescent lights are small, and hence, it produces undistributed light.

Your space will look unevenly illuminated. A person sitting in an area with these fluorescent lamps will experience even illumination and does not find any dark spot. The light reaches to every corner of the room and make it glow for multiple hours. This feature is another significant benefit for using these lamps at your place.

Get Required Color Temperature

It is another benefit of using fluorescent light, in which you can get one according to the color temperature. Different types of lights with color temperatures are available in the market. If you want to have soothing or cool lights, then you can opt for one in the fluorescent category.

If you want to have warm temperature lamps, then you can also get those. You can get from cool to warm whites in these tube lights. It provides perfect lighting to your room at the required temperatures.

Available in Different Shapes and Sizes

These lights are also available in various shapes and sizes. There is a variety of lamps for decorating the home décor like chandeliers, floodlights, downlights, etc. In different lamps, many bulbs are installed in it. You can pick anyone out of it according to your preference and room requirements. It is a great lamp to decorate your house with the required amount of light. You can choose the tube lamps that match your requirements.

The Bottom Line


Fluorescent lights are quite effective as compared to incandescent ones or others. Many people in the world are quite unaware of the benefits of using these tube lights. It is necessary to know their advantages to switch to an energy-efficient source. If you want to improve the lighting of your home décor, then you must consider this option. It makes your room beautiful and makes it look more modern.

If we talk about other advantages, then it requires less energy and generates more light without dissipating much heat. After going through detailed benefits, you can decide whether you can use them in your homes or not. In comparison with other options, fluorescent lamps are more convenient, effective, and the right choice for any person. Invest your hard-earned money wisely.