Top 5 Food Gift Cards You Can Buy Using Cryptocurrencies

You are aware of the importance of gift cards as they are always in demand for gift choices. They provide you with the freedom to present it to your loved ones without worrying about their shopping choices. It is up to them what they make out of the gift cards.

If you are one of those crypto fans who love to invest in crypto, buying gift cards will ease your process. You are mindful that many brands and stores don’t accept crypto as a direct payment. However, using crypto to buy the related gift cards of the store is a clever walkthrough.

Gift cards are not restricted to a specific store or brand. Instead, they are acceptable in most business domains. Food is one of them. So, you can buy someone a food gift card that they can use at the particular restaurant to enjoy the delicious feast.

You may wonder about the top 5 food gift cards that you can buy using crypto. Sit back, and read on to discover more about popular food gift cards.

We will go through:

  • Food gift cards you can buy using crypto,
  • Some FAQs about food gift cards,
  • And the conclusion.

Let the show begins:

What Food Gift Cards You Can Buy With Crypto?

Don’t wait to buy your special friend a food gift card to make them feel exceptional. But what gift card to buy? Don’t worry, here we have compiled the top 5 food gift cards to buy.

Let’s read:

● DoorDash Gift Card:

If you are craving a delicious feast from your favorite restaurant and their delivery and takeout, DoorDash is the top choice. DoorDash gift cards are one of the most accessible methods of purchasing meals from more than 310,000 restaurants across 4000 cities in Canada and the US.

DoorDash gift cards are effortless to buy. You can buy gift cards using cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. More about how to buy gift cards using something like this you can read on CoinGate.

● Almacenes Exito Gift Card:

Exito is an online store dealing with the best products for your needs. These products include electronics, clothing, appliances, food, and many more.

You can buy an Almacenes Exito gift card for your loved ones to present them with a good gift.

Exito allows you to shop a handful of products while paying cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more.

● UberEats Gift Card:

With UberEats, you get your favorite food delivered to your doorstep quickly and fresh. UberEats features plenty of local restaurants to pick your desired meal online.

UberEats gift card gives you access to these restaurants at your fingertips through the UberEats app. Also, cryptocurrencies are accepted to purchase UberEats gift cards.

● Deliveroo Gift Card:

Order your loved cuisines, food at your doorstep using Deliveroo. They deliver you scrumptious food from local restaurants on a single tap using the app. They will provide fresh, fast, and contact-free delivery.

Deliveroo accepts cryptocurrency to purchase a gift card from it. You get the card with instant email delivery.

● Just Eat Gift Card:

Just Eat is a UK-based food community that works with over 30000 restaurants. They deal in every food from sushi to burritos, burgers to pizza.

Owning a Just Eat gift card by exchanging crypto will help you order your favorite food for your friends, family, or someone you want to feed.

FAQs About Food Gift Cards:

You are halfway done picking an exciting gift for your nears and dears when you know about the top picks in food gift cards. However, people are asking several questions related to the subject.

Let’s have a look at them and interpret them for your benefit and well-being.

● Why is food a good gift?

Food is the best way of bringing happiness to many people globally. And food, when presented to someone as a gift, reveals to them that you know their character, likes, and dislikes.

Consequently, it reflects a feeling of thoughtfulness and cares that you hold for that person. So, food is a virtuous gift.

● Do gift cards lose value?

Yes, gift cards lose value if kept inactive for a more extended period. We can equate the losing value of gift cards to the water going down slowly through an unrushed drain.

The process when your gift cards start losing value begins at the time you stop using them, and the state laws allow the company to cut service fees from them. They may expire after a particular time.

● How do restaurants make money from gift cards?

Restaurants make money from gift cards in two ways. Firstly, the restaurant that sells these gift cards results in the hike of foot traffic in their restaurant and gets more shelf space.

Secondly, third-party brokers are linked with these restaurants. They work to handle the gift card business and bargain on the commission of the sales.

● What happens to gift cards if a business closes?

This question is very well-answered in financial advice by Debt Organization. They illustrate two situations where a business closes. Either a store plans to shutter its doors or file for bankruptcy.

In the former case, your gift cards are redeemable, while companies that declare bankruptcy turn your gift cards into useless, unredeemable cards. Sometimes, you get a full refund, or you lose your investment.


Gone are the days when you would present a box of chocolate to impress them, though they are still beneficial. Presently, you can express your thoughtfulness in a simple yet effective way.

For instance, buy a food gift card from a restaurant to your friend or the person you aim to impress, and you will be surprised with the outcomes.