Ford Atlas Vs Ford F150 – What Features Would You Like To See On New F150?

Let’s get few things straight right from the start. We know that Ford will not launch Atlas Concept as the standalone model and we also know that it was a base for the currently available F150 truck. This means that these two are quite similar but just like always with concepts, some of the features that they show needed to be removed so it would better fit production version.

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

Which one do you like more? Ford Atlas Concept or the regular Ford F150? If you are anything like us, we are sure that you would pick the Atlas over the F150 any day. We will not talk about powertrains and engine lineup since these two could carry same options, so we will focus mostly on design and features that these two bring.

Since the redesigned F150 has been announced to come with 2018 MY, we are hoping to see a vehicle that is even more similar to what original concept brought. While this is only a dream, we simply do not know why Ford wouldn’t offer new version much closer to the Atlas.

We already said that engines are same, platform and chassis are same, even most of the body panels would be retained. Biggest differences would be coming in the front segment where Atlas comes with the far better-looking grille. We can’t say that currently F150 and even the future one, of which we saw spy photos, offer ugly front segment, we are simply saying that Atlas looks amazing.


Concept’s grille looks more powerful with huge middle bar and big side air intakes. The lower part of the bumper also brings air intake while the sides are reserved for fog lights. The almost identical shape of headlights has been transferred from Ford Atlas to F150, but the original have nicer border daytime running light elements. Huge amounts of chrome have been used here, and it perfectly fits the color not standing out too much, but, it would be interesting to see how would this sit on red, black and other offered colors.

For us, it is simple; we would always take Ford Atlas Concept over the Ford F150. Will this change with the introduction of refreshed F150? We doubt it. US car maker will again offer design based on Atlas but with slimmed down features that made it look almost perfect.

Source: Pinterest