McLaren’s First Electric Vehicle Presented

McLaren managed to produce their first electric vehicle, but it was made for children.

The new McLaren car is an imitation of the exclusive P1 model and in order to drive it, you need to be under the age of six. There are two major differences between the full-sized vehicle and a mini McLaren P1.

First of all, a scaled-down version comes with the central driving position, which resembles the famous F1 road car. Secondly, considering that the new EV is a ride-on car, the drivers will have a pleasure of open-air driving. Moreover, the car will contain the company’s signature butterfly doors.

McLaren continues to keep high standards. The new P1 reaches top speed from rest in just two seconds, which is more than fascinating for an electric vehicle. However, the top speed is only 3mph.

McLaren tries to keep it simple, so with the push of only one button, the car will start. In addition to that, the lights will switch on as well as the ‘air-conditioning’. The car also contains an MP3 player and audio system in which popular nursery rhymes are already installed. This may be a bad idea since we don’t want the kids to fall asleep while driving.

Although this is a children’s car, it has three gears and a reverse. McLaren P1 EV will be available only in Volcano Yellow, so it won’t be difficult to pick a color.

The company stated:”The Ride On, electric McLaren P1 is the first officially licensed product from McLaren Automotive to enter this growing market segment and is the most compact car yet to wear the McLaren badge. Hence customers ideally should be between three and six years old to drive it. Although young drivers beyond this age group might also fit.”

The new P1 will be on sale at the end of October and it will cost £375 ($488).