Spider-Man: Homecoming – Tony Stark and Stark Expo


It was foreseen by many that Spider-Man and Iron Man would start their relationship in the middle of the conflict because they were simply fighting on the same side. This was known even before the release of Captain America: Civil War. The bond between Spider-Man and Iron Man will continue to grow because Tony Stark, who is played by Robert Downey Jr., will be in the new Spider-Man movie.

The question is why Iron Man is in the first Spider-Man solo movie. Marvel is uninterested to share any information about that. There is a photo from the set where we can see Tony, be he could be here for Stark Expo presentation.

The crew moved to New York from Atlanta, where they have been filming over the last several days. There are even flyers on the Spider-Man: Homecoming set that advertises the Stark Expo, which will last from October 17-27, 2018 in The Big Apple. Tony Stark would have many reasons to be there with the crew if this photo was indeed taken on the set. So now, the question arises whether the Spider-Man Homecoming will be at the same time as the Stark Expo, which would delay the movie premier, or the Stark Expo is just advertised too early.

The first Stark Expo happened in 1943 and the host was no-one else but Tony’s father, Howard Stark. State-of-the-art technology was presented at this event by the greatest minds, just like on any other Expo after that. The last Stark Expo for Howard was in 1974. His son, Tony, decided to host a new Stark Expo, 36 years later during Iron Man 2. However, that didn’t go as planned because Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer clashed with Tony Stark. Eventually, Vanko took control of Hammar’s drones and War Machine’s armor. This happened eight years ago, so why not try again to organize Stark Expo?

However, there are more reasons why Tony Stark is on set. The rumor has it that Tony fired The Tinkerer, one of the main villains in the new Spider-Man movie, while he worked for Stark Industries. Angry about that, The Tinkerer will give Vulture and Shocker new technology in order to misconduct. So while Tony is in New York City with his friend Happy Hogan, it is possible that he gets attacked by these villains, which is a right time for Spider-Man to appear and reunite with Tony.


Spider-Man: Homecoming will be in theaters on July 7, 2017.