Renault Trezor Concept – The beginning of a new design era?

With Laurens van den Acker as a leader of Renault’s drawing department, we see over-the-top concept cars almost every year.

The problem is that some of the bizarre designs actually appear on some of the production models. The new Megan is really a good car speaking of design, but unlike, for example, Volkswagen Golf it looks too peculiar. There are some brave innovations in the interior as well such as a large vertical screen, for instance. But the Renault production cars differ a lot from concepts.

We cannot compare companies because each and every one is unique and has its own philosophy when they make concept cars and when they make production cars. For example, Mazda 6 resembles the Shinari concept a lot, so it can be done.

It appears that the new concept car called Trezor will appear at Paris Motor Show. With this car, the Renault is at “the beginning of a brand new design cycle” as it has been described. The Trezor will officially mark the end of their restoration process which has started four years ago.

There is no information about the new Trezor, but it won’t use an electric powertrain, which is not a big surprise. The car will supposedly have “surprising proportions” and this is the part we are interested in. The teaser reveals only that the Trezor is fully autonomous.

The announcement about the Trezor concept comes the same day as the one about improvements on ZOE. This small electric hatchback receives 41 kWh battery, which will expand its range to 400km (248 miles) per charge. However, these are NEDC ratings, so the measurements may differ in real life, but
the Renault is fighting for the position on EV market which constantly grows.