Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Inspires Its Designers to Innovate

Ford Headquarters

The Salone del Mobile has witnessed some of the most innovative ideas in place by the designers of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F). As per reports, global designers of the company have taken up this initiative to showcase some of the most innovative non-automotive objects that are inspired by the Ford GT. The team of designers has used the same technology that is used in Fort GT to create objects like guitar, foosball, racing sailboat, and many other products.

What’s next

Ford has also announced discussing the influences of the shift in trends over the past few years. The discussion is to be held during the leading furniture design expo that is to be held in Milan, Italy. Ford is known for introducing cut-throat technologies in its products from time to time. With the help of this discussion, the company will focus on showcasing those technologies and the inspiration behind using them.

The newly launched Ford GT supercar is one of the most ambitious projects that the company has been working for years. It will also talk about this project and the latest technologies used in the car. The primary objective of showcasing the Ford GT at this Furniture Design Expo is nothing but to prove that the interior design philosophy used in Ford GT can be used in a number of non automotive products as well.

The management team of the company seemed delighted during the expo while announcing about the technology used in Ford GT. According to Moray Callum, Vice President Designs at Ford, the company has a bunch of some of the most talented designers in the world.

The initiatives taken by them while designing Ford GT have paved the way for future technology. The company is committed to continuous innovation, and will stick to the same plans in the future as well.