Former WWE Star Jimmy Snuka Died After Losing Fight with Cancer

Former WWE star and Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka deceased last night at the age of 73.

According to his lawyer, Snuka died surrounded by family and friends at his son-in-law house.

In past several years, the former wrestler has been hospitalized on a couple of occasions for different reasons one of them being dementia. In the end what brought him down was the opponent in shape of testicular cancer whom he fought outside the ring but failed to win. He was supposed to undergo a surgery which would include removing part of his stomach, but he was not clear for surgery and was given six months to live back in December. Unfortunately for his family, friends and all of the fans of WWE Fijian-born wrestler left us to early.

In an official statement on WWE website, the organization stated that they are more than saddened by Jimmy Snuka’s demise, and didn’t fail to praise him as a pioneer of ‘high-flying offense.’

His daughter said farewell to her father trough Twitter with the words ‘I love you dad’ accompanied by a picture of them two.

Snuka’s daughter and WWE weren’t the only ones to state their sorrow. Words flowed from Dwayne The Rock Johnson who is also a former wrestler and was one of the first to report the death of former wrestler. Other who shared the news of Jimmy’s death and their condolences were fellow fighter Jim Ross and also former wrestler Hulk Hogan.

His death came just two weeks after the charges for involvement in the demise of his former girlfriend back in 1993 against him were dropped.