Patriots’ Sloppy Game Still End In Them Blowing Out Texans

This was the game in which the least people were interested in. Patriots were a huge favorite going into this duel, at home, in front of their frenzy fans. Texans were able, to at least, make the match interesting, but in the end, the final score was still lopsided.

New England Patriots opened the game strong as Houston’s defense really didn’t have an answer for Patriots back Dion Lewis. But, Brady’s interception and Lewis’ fumble on the return was a big momentum changer as the Texans were able to get back into the match before the half ended.

Brock Osweiler did make some nice throws in the second half, especially that bomb to Fuller that he wasn’t able to grab. In the end, he wasn’t able to take advantage of Patriots sloppy mistakes and Tom Brady punished him with some sweet balls to Julian Edelman.

A couple more plays by Brady and a couple more interceptions and mistakes by the Houston Texans resulted in a big lead for the Patriots. The final move was made when Osweiler tried to push the ball down the field, but Harmon ended up intercepting that throw and finishing the duel right there.

A 34:16 win by the Patriot was expected. But, they played a pretty sloppy game. There is still a lot of room for improvement. That is a scary thing when it comes to the Patriots. They will host an AFC Championship match next week, and they will be major favor favorites to advance to the Super Bowl.