Former WWE Superstar Spoke Up About The Company And CM Punk


A lot of people were unhappy with the WWE in the past year and decided that it’s best for them to move on from the company and do some other things. One of them is Ryback, who decided that he had enough after Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, he was sent home during the Raw episode after the big event and never returned to WWE television. On the recent episode of Jim Ross’ podcast, Ryback talked about CM Punk and his time with the company.

“I respect Paul Heyman a lot, and he’s lasted in this business a very long time, but we didn’t see eye to eye. Paul and CM Punk were really, really good friends. Heyman was supposed to be, from a creative standpoint, working with me. And he was with Punk all day and they were discussing business, and what they are going on to do, and that wasn’t doing me any favors and knew that.”

He also went on a little bit deeper on CM Punk and his relationship with the former WWE Champion.

“Not to say Punk gets along with everyone, to begin with – he’s kind of his own individual and a self-admitted as*hole at times, but he was always friendly with me. But you gotta remember when you are dealing at the WWE level, and you’re dealing with those top slots, you’re dealing with millions of dollars. The two guys I had all my problems with, and everyone else there I’d get along with just fine, was John Cena and CM Punk.”

He continued “There’s only a certain amount of slots there, and those guys have those slots, and they wanted to keep them. I do think Punk, he was really beaten up during the periods that we worked together, physically, and he complained about other guys when he was there that are notorious for being good workers. I just think he was physically beaten up and he was frustrated and he lumped that all in. He had his issues with WWE, I think I just got lumped into all that. It is what it is. I don’t hate him, not at all.”