The 100 Season 4 on Netflix – When can we expect it?

As you probably already know, a new season of the popular post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama series The 100 was officially released on February 1, but the following question still bothers many fans – when will The 100 Season 4 be available on Netflix? We have some good news for you. It will air sooner than expected, due to a new contract between Netflix and The CW.

In case you haven’t watched this Tv Show yet, we warmly recommend that you do so as soon as possible, because The 100 is without a doubt among The CW’s best shows ever. Developed by Jason Rothenberg and based on a novel by Kass Morgan, the series premiered on March 19, 2014, on The CW. It is set in distant future after a devastating nuclear apocalypse when a group of teenagers is supposed to return to Earth and determine whether there is still life there or not.

Having become highly popular in a short time, the drama was renewed for the fourth season only two years after its first release (in March 2016). Now that the new season is released, fans can’t wait to watch it on Netflix. We have recently found out that the schedule for several shows set to air on Netflix will be somewhat different than expected. These include Arrow, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Flash, Frequency, and the highly anticipated The 100.

We normally don’t expect new seasons of our favorite shows before October or November, but you’ll be happy to hear that this year we won’t have to wait so long. As we already mentioned, a new contract between Netflix and The CW shifted the initially planned schedules, but that turned out to be the good thing because now The 100 Season 4 will be available on Netflix in from May or June. Great news for all fans of this popular TV Show.