Foyle’s War has been cancelled

We have some unfortunate news for the fans of Foyle’s War since the Season 10 of the popular show is canceled. The producers have eventually decided to end this one after nine seasons.

Foyle’s War is a British crime/drama/mystery show written by Anthony Horowitz, and it has been broadcasted on ITV since 2002, two years after Inspector Morse ended.

Many of us perhaps don’t remember, but back in 2007, at that time current director of ITV canceled the show. However, when Peter Fincham took over the leading position of ITV, he returned the show because the fans were eagerly searching for it.

The story of the series focuses on Christopher Foyle (played by Michael Kitchen) who is a Detective Chief Superintendent in Hastings, Sussex, England, where he is trying to resolve the crimes which are in abundance due to the World War 2 that is raging all over the world. Christopher Foyle is a beloved character due to his honesty, wisdom, and ability to use various methods to capture the ones who find themselves on his path.

He gets help from his driver Samantha “Sam” Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks) and Detective Sergeant Paul Milner (Anthony Howell). Since the Series 7 has started, the setting moves on to the post-war period in which Foyle has already grown old.

Apart from Foyle the cast crew also includes the following actors: Julian Ovenden, Ellie Haddington, Geoffrey Freshwater, Caroline Martin, Jay Simpson, Mali Harries, Tony Turner, Polly Maberly and others.

Foyle’s War Season 10 – News and update on the cancellation of the show

The latest news coming from ITV on 12 January 2015, suggest that there will be no more episodes of the series. Apparently, the production of the sequel is highly expensive coming along with ITV plans to start to release more original TV shows. The last episode of Foyle’s War was broadcasted shortly after the ITV announcement, on January 18, 2015.