Freakish – Should We Expect Season 2?


Freakish is a horror TV series which first appeared in October 2016 on Hulu. It was produced by AwesomenessTV and created by Beth Szymkowski, while Chris Grismer, Brian Robbins, Shelley Zimmerman and Matthew V. Lewis were the executive producers.

The first season, which comprises ten episodes, was more or less well-received by the audience, but when it comes to critics, some of them gave it negative reviews. For instance, here’s how Variety’s Sonia Saraiya described the series: “The show never quite becomes interesting enough to transcend either the dully predictable beats of zombie horror or the plodding anguish of young adulthood.” In spite of the fact that Freakish received mixed reviews from critics, the ones who did like the series are curious about its renewal.


In case you have never watched the series, here’s a brief summary. Freakish revolves around a group of students who end up trapped in a local school in a small town they live in. Their struggle begins when a nearby chemical plant explodes, and the radioactive waste infects a significant number of people and turns them into freakish creatures. The students in the school have to defend themselves from these zombie-like creatures, and they have to figure out a way to survive.

When it comes to the series renewal, Hulu has not made any official announcements yet. Unfortunately, this means that there is also a possibility of canceling the show, but we doubt that will happen. The apocalyptic theme is always gripping and attracts many viewers, so we believe they will eventually decide to make a new season. After all, as previously mentioned, the first one comprises only ten episodes, and we are sure there are so many ups and downs before our courageous characters which need to be depicted to make this horror story complete. For now, we can only promise to keep you updated.