Free Ways to Promote Yourself Online

Your business is at the forefront of your career success. This is true for those who are solo entrepreneurs or those who run a larger business. Even if you are working for someone as an employee, you need to market yourself. It does not cost a lot to get started on marketing. Just work to get your name out there and build your online presence. Here are five ways you can do this online for free.

  1. Create content.

A good way to get yourself credibility is by sharing your thoughts with others online. Write a post and share it on Linkedin or write content and submit it to an online newspaper. Put your content out there and you become searchable!

  1. Be quoted by others.

Online journalists love quoting industry experts. Make yourself that expert. Your exposure grows when our content is quoted by others.

You can become a go-to person on a specific issue. Demonstrate your expertise by writing content where you explain things on the issues important to you. Your expertise may come from your professional experience. Put it online so that your content is searchable by others who use the Internet looking for your knowledge.You can do this with a blog submission service like the one offered by SMVT

  1. Make use of email.

Your writing is easy to share through emails. Create email lists and communicate what you are doing and where your successes are at. Include links to recent articles that you have posted in your email. Using email is an effective way to leverage the impact your writing has.

  1. Share on social media.

This is probably something you already do but do not forget the impact sharing on all platforms has. It gives you more of an opportunity to reach your audience than email does. It also expands your exposure a great deal more. Use social media to share your articles and those where you have been quoted. Make an effort to reach more people and to comment on relevant news stories.

  1. Speak in public.

Find local opportunities where you can speak your mind and share your thoughts with others. You may find that there are places online where you can share your expertise on webinars and so on. Create a Youtube video or become a guest speaker at a local meeting where industry experts have gathered.

A lawyer, for instance, may speak at a local American Bar Association meeting. If you are a product manager speak where people gather to find out more about your type of product. Find opportunities held at community places where you can share more about yourself and what you have to offer.