Will The Rock Appear At Smackdown 1000?


We remember the Raw 1000 show a couple of years ago and The Rock being in the ring with John Cena and CM Punk. That was one of the biggest shows in Raw’s history, but things are different now. The Rock does not appear on WWE TV as much as he did back then, so nobody really expects him to be on Smackdown’s 1000th episode.

On Raw 1000, in the main event, CM Punk, a fan-favorite at the time, turned heel and shocked everybody. The Rock was involved in the segment as well. While he is not going to have the same role at Smackdown 1000, there is no doubt that him showing up would be just as huge as well.


The biggest company in the wrestling business is getting ready for this episode, we expect some great stuff on Tuesday. Many fans are talking about WWE tagging The Rock on Twitter, wondering whether or not he is going to be there.

The Rock is one of the starts that made Smackdown popular back in the day since he has been the face of the blue brand for a while. He has even been a champion on that brand.

Yes, when we talk about Smackdown The Rock’s name is never going to come up before somebody like The Undertaker, or Edge, or maybe even AJ Styles who has been the face of this brand for the past two years, but still, he was a major part of this show back when it started airing.

Because of that, it would be nice to see him again on WWE TV and on Smackdown’s 1000 since this is going to be one of the biggest episodes ever for the blue brand, and it’s always nice to see Dwayne come back to his roots.