Friends From College Premiere date has arrived


Friends from College is the latest show in Netflix production. The series will have eight episodes in total, and it will be centered around a few friends going to Harvard being on the threshold of their 40. What makes the series so captivating are the volatile relationships and feelings among the friends Ethan (Key), Lisa (Smulders), Sam (Parisse), Nick (Faxon), Max (Savage) and Marianne (Park). The series questions their close and long-term relationships, bygone lovers as well as their coping with breaking up with the past and embracing the present. Billy Eichner will return.

Friends from College Release date

The series was set to come out at some time during this year, however, for a long time there has been no official announcement by Netflix. But now that we have one let’s look forward to the upcoming episodes. Coming from Neighbours franchisee, Friends From College had its first photos available for the audience on 8th of May. Now, Netflix has chosen Friday, July 14 to present the premiere of its highly and long-awaited new comedy series Friends From College. Also, the first teaser came along the way. You can take a look at it bellow. The comedy series has Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, Fred Savage, Annie Parisse, Nat Faxon and Jae Suh Park among the cast crew.


At the helm of the series are husband and wife Stoller and Delbanco, whose inspiration might stem from the years they spent at Harvard. Apart from being the executive producers they also created and wrote the series. Stoller is also in charge of directing the whole season.

Cindy Holland has had only the words of praise for both Nick Stoller and his wife Francesca Delbanco. Here is what she had to say about the lovely couple and their work and commitment on this mutual project:

“Nick is a comedic mastermind,” Cindy Holland stated, “With Friends from College, he and Francesca have created a world that is both moving and very, very funny.”