Yukon Men Season 7 Latest News


Produced by Paper Route Productions, Yukon Men is an adventure TV series which premiered on the Discovery Channel in August 2012, and it was immediately well-received. The series is set in a remote town in Alaska, which is around 100 miles away from Tanana, the nearest city in the area. It follows the lives of the residents of this small town when, after years and years of isolation, they finally get the chance to see the world outside of their town. Instead of being excited, these people are overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown – they perceive the outside world as their worst threat.

In case you were wondering about the series title, it comes from the Yukon River, as the village these people live in is located nearby the river. As already mentioned, viewers loved Yukon Men from the very first season, not only for its plot but also “spectacular landscapes” it boasts. Here’s how Media Life Magazine’s Tom Conroy put it: “The scenes of hunting, setting traps, dressing a carcass and even stoking the furnaces at the water plant are enlightening and fun. Most of the men work with their sons, and the bonding isn’t overhyped. The half-light of winter gives an extra beauty to the spectacular landscapes.”


Yukon Men Season 7 Confirmed?

When it comes to the series Season 7, we understand that you must be impatient to hear any news about it, but it’s still too early to talk about that, given that Season 6 was released only in April this year. Thus, we are still waiting for the Discovery Channel to confirm whether or not this popular TV show will be renewed for another sequel. We hope that there are no reasons for cancellation, but you’ll still have to wait for a little bit more to hear what the network has decided to do. We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned, and you’ll be the first one to find out about the official announcement regarding Yukon Men Season 7.