Preachers’ Daughters Season 4 release date!

For those who are not up to speed Preachers’ Daughters is an American TV project that started airing in March 2013 on Lifetime Channel. The second season premiere episode aired on 5th of March, 2014 and during this time two new families joined this project. Season 3 returned to American TV screens on the 23rd of January, but with a slight change, since the Colemans, the Elliots, and the Koloffs decided not to participate in the project anymore. This entire thing ended up spinning around girls living in one house and following their religious life rules.

As far as the plot of the show is considered it regards the everyday life of teen girls trying to lead a typical teenage life while being a part of a Christian family with certain traditions and restrictions. They try to pass through life’s tests while at the same time having their ups and downs with their parents (like any normal teenager), friends, boyfriends and their Christian values. It is at times very interesting to see just how they balance between all these things since it turned up to be quite a hassle at times, but hey, that’s life, right?!

The cast of this reality show consists of:
Megan Cassidy (18 yr.), Tyche Crockett (22 yr.), Nikki Efimetz (19 yr.), Kristiana Flowers (18 yr.), Jayde Gomez (20 yr.), Kori Haynes (22 yr.), Cierra Vaughn (22 yr.), Lolly White (24 yr.) and Kayla Wilde (20 yr.).

Preachers’ Daughters Season 4 release date

As far as the release date for the Season 4 of this popular reality show (especially with people of Christian faith), so far nothing concrete has come up. There probably will be a Season 4 only the date of the release is still unknown. Nothing so far implies the possibility of cancellation, and we believe that more checked-out info will probably be here very soon, so stay tuned for anything new that might come up.

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