FRIGHTENING: Biggest 10 bottomless holes on Earth

Even though we’ve built skyscrapers whose tops are not visible from the ground, nothing will make us feel so small like huge craters made on Earth.

Gate to Hell Darvaza

If you’ve ever wondered how the gate to hell might look like, then go to Turkmenistan. A natural phenomenon located near the small town Darvaza was given name “Gate To Hell” by local residents, due to its appearance.

Bingham Canyon Copper Mine

The biggest hole ever made by humans – A copper mine 2.5 miles (4 km) wide, and over 0.6 miles (970 m) deep. It is located in Utah, USA.

Bottomless Hole

The Glory Hole located in Lake Berryessa, Napa County – has been made for five years, and it was finished in 1957. This reservoir is the biggest lake in California.

The Big Hole

Underground mine located in South Africa is one of the largest holes excavated by hand. During the excavation 2,720 kilograms of diamonds were taken.

Blue Hole

A sinkhole off the coast of Belize is 300.89 meters deep. Even there are many such holes on the Bahamas, this is the greatest one.

Diamond Mine in Siberia

The Mir mine is the biggest mine of diamonds, 525 meters (1,722 ft) deep. It is forbidden for helicopters to fly over this mine, as there were cases in which the mine “swallowed” them.

Dragon Hole

Dragon Hole is 300 meters deep and is at times referred to as “the eye.” It is found in the South China Sea, in one of the most dangerous locations in the world.

The Diavik Diamond Mine

This Canadian mine is so big that it has its own airport which can accommodate Boeing 737 jet aircraft. It looks particularly beautiful when the water around it is frozen. It is assumed that it will be active until the year 2024.

Berkeley Pit

This Pit Copper Mine was opened in 1955 and closed in 1982. It is 1.6 kilometers long.

Superdeep Borehole Deepest Hole

Kola Superdeep Borehole Deepest Hole consists of several holes coming out from one middle hole. The deepest hole is called “SG-3” and is 12.261 meters deep.